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4 Ways To Practice Self-Love on Valentine's Day (& Every Day)

valentines-day-self-love|Glitter Guide

10 Feb, 2022

Valentine’s Day can feel a bit like a Hallmark campaign filled with red roses, boxed chocolates, and romantic dates only couples in love seem to experience. But we like to think of February 14 as a day to observe love in all forms—which means showing ourselves adoration and care is something worth priorit...
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5 Simple Grounding Practices For Mothers


18 Jan, 2022

There are so many different modes of motherhood. We go on autopilot when navigating the tasks of the day. We can easily tune-out when our attention is required elsewhere. For better or worse, we find ourselves going through the motions. It must be an ancient survival instinct for mothers, don’t you think?...
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Solly Journal: Rewilding


02 Jan, 2022

Each new year presents an opportunity for reflection and growth, and as we embark on 2022, we’d like to invite you to join us on the journey. Every month we will be sharing a thoughtfully chosen theme to inspire and hearten you. So, plan to pour yourself a cup of something warm and take some time to pause...
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