5 Mamas Share the Stories of Their Rainbow Babies

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Photo: @katyroseprichard Whether you've experienced loss, infertility, a lengthy wait or undue heartache on your path to motherhood, our Rainbow Collection was designed to honor your journey + give voice to your story—as well as remind you that you’re never alone. In part of our effort to build community and raise awareness, we’re honored to share the heartbreaking + hopeful stories of five mamas who’ve experienced loss. Join our campaign by using #SollyRainbowBaby to share your story and foster hope in those still waiting on their rainbow baby.  
The rainbow has two sides representing the past and then today. The colors between paint a beautiful picture of the journey of loss, grief, then ultimately the joy that follows. The rainbow to me is really about the journey and the promise of joy. —Anna, @dearauggie

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I found comfort in other women’s stories after each of my losses. I would spend hours reading about women who already had their rainbow baby and their journey to get them so that I knew there was hope for me. It didn’t matter how different their journey was from mine, a happy ending was all that mattered. Knowing I wasn’t the only one going through this tough time was all I had to get me through the day. —Dayna Childress, @helloquadruplets I found myself in a very dark place, but was eventually able to start my journey to healing with the help of a therapist and a group of mamas who had also experienced loss. I learned that I need to be able to allow myself to experience every emotion my mind and body were feeling and that no feeling was invalid or excessive. It's ok to cry, it's ok to be sad. There is no way to get to a place of healing until you are brave enough to face the sad parts and the hurt first. —Anna
Both of my babies were conceived after miscarriages and so as you can imagine the thrill of finding out we were expecting each of them. Although it wasn’t easy, we tried to keep a sense of hope and comfort in waiting. I knew what was meant to be would be, and I tried my best (although it was challenging) to be patient through those seasons. —Katy Rose Prichard, @katyroseprichard After our loss, I was terrified of trying to get pregnant again. I had told my husband that I felt our family was complete with one child out of fear of going through another miscarriage. Little did I know when we had that conversation that I was pregnant with Oliver. Our little Oliver made his debut on 12/31/2019. That was the moment I knew he was my little angel. He wanted us to close out what would have been one of the most challenging decades with a smile. He is a very chill baby and has made the transition to having 2 kids so much easier. Bev  

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The best moment in the world was holding my tiny babies earth-side for the first time. Nothing is sweeter and it always happened in such PERFECT timing. —Katy Now that my sweet boy is earth side, I could not imagine life any other way. He has the strongest hold on my heart and is such a bright light. A crazy thought is that if I had not had a miscarriage, I would not have Jules and that is not really a world I would like to think about. —Anna It honestly feels great. I am thankful every single day to be able to hold my little rainbow baby in my arms. —Bev  
Take your time to grieve and know that you're not alone. I decided to share my journey because I knew there were thousands of other women that had gone through something similar. The outpouring of love, comfort that came from strangers blew me away. Do not be afraid to open up, you never know who else has been in your shoes. I know that it feels like you've hit rock bottom, but I promise things will get better. Fatima Have hope and give yourself time to grieve but also remember that we all grieve differently. It does get easier but there will always be moments where you are reminded of what could have been. Always remember that it is ok to talk about your loss. I was amazed at how many women I was friends with that had gone through this and I had no idea because it is something that a lot of us do not really talk about. Bev The peace and deep love will come with time and its ok to be patient and gentle on yourself. Talk to other women who have been in a similar situation and can relate. Talk to your baby. Rainbow babies truly are something special and bring such a bright light into our lives! —Anna
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