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5 Podcasts that Encourage Meaningful Conversations on Self-Care

5 Podcasts that Encourage Meaningful Conversations on Self-Care

It seems like there are a million podcasts out there with a niche for every interest. One of the genres of podcasts that we’re really loving are the ones that inspire meaningful conversations on self-care and wellness. It’s a great way to motivate you throughout the week and also give you new ideas and tips for taking better care of yourself. Check out some of these podcasts on self-care and wellness that we have on weekly rotation.

Self-Care IRL

Best-selling author and lifestyle blogger Ty Alexander explores strategies and ideas for becoming your best self in this propelling podcast. Ty will inspire you to take life by the horns and enjoy the ride in spite of traumas or circumstances.


Mindbodygreen is one of our favorite sites for health and fitness motivation, and the podcast is just as good. It’s hosted by founder Jason Wachob, who interviews people shaping the wellness world. Topics range from fitness to nutrition to health and beyond. Try listening to this podcast as part of your morning commute.

The Hey Girl Podcast

We absolutely adore Alex Elle and her gorgeous writing. Her podcast, Hey, girl., is an inspirational look into the power of sisterhood, community and self-care. It explores all elements of womanhood in a really powerful and emotional way. Try listening to this podcast as you’re getting ready for work in the morning.


Hosted by the creator of Free & Native, we’re obsessed with this wellness podcast. Lacy focuses heavily on manifestation and “expanding” your mind to better your life. It’s full of interviews and authentic stories with leaders in the wellness industry as they share how they got to where they are in their own journey. Try listening to this podcast on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Small Talk with Great Love

We'd be remiss not to include the Solly Baby podcast! Join us bi-weekly for interviews with prenatal and postpartum experts and intimate chats with mamas from all phases of motherhood. 

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