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Every new parent needs a newborn wrap, baby wardrobe and other essentials. Solly Baby delivers thoughtful, beautiful and functional options in collections that inspire meaningful connections. Shop these collections to discover the world of options for bringing parents and baby closer through unparalleled comfort and superior design.

Browse our Classic, Seasonal and Limited-Edition Collections to find exceptional offerings for baby. All our collections feature something special to elevate your everyday experience.

  • Classic Collection // A neutral color and a sweetly sleeping baby are always in vogue. Choose a newborn wrap, onesie, swaddle and more in classic hues and prints.
  • Seasonal Collection // From the summery look of sea glass to a festive tartan plaid, all baby items in this collection invoke a season's particular flair.
  • Limited-Edition Collection // Exclusive artist and brand collaborations feature unique prints produced in limited quantities to make your Solly Wrap, onesie and more even more special.

With a happy baby and free hands, your heart becomes immeasurably full. That's the mission at Solly Baby, where small details make the biggest impact. Whether it's helping moms heal postpartum, teaching new parents to wrap like a pro or committing to socially and environmentally responsible production, we've stepped up to make a difference.