How To Create A Daily Routine That Nourishes You

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When we are able to do small things for ourselves throughout the day, the mood of the whole week shifts and we feel more equipped to take on our tasks. Creating a daily routine that nourishes you not only helps you feel your best, but also supports the wellness of the whole spirit. But it requires deliberate effort on your part. Thankfully, you don’t have to do a lot to treat yourself and make each day a special gift.

SIP.  Hydrate as soon as you wake up. Whether you’re a “best part of waking up is Folgers in your cup”-kind-of person or more of a tall-glass-of-water peep, having something to sip helps your body wake up and refuel. A few small tweaks and you can add a little pep in your step. Make a homemade coffee sweetener (like this lavender simple syrup) or have some fresh fruit prepped and ready to drop into a cold glass of water. You can even make the act of sipping an opportunity for mindfulness!

READ.  Giving yourself a designated amount of time to read (even as little as 10 minutes) could make your day a lot more rewarding and fill your headspace with new thoughts for the day. Try to have a variety of books on hand so that you can reach for what your mind is yearning for at any moment. Whether it’s a non-fiction self-help read, an interior design or home organization book, a collection of poetry or a fictional story, find something that engages you. Place the book on your kitchen counter as an invitation to indulge when you have a few moments of calm.

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MOVE.  Anything that gets your blood flowing is nourishment for your mind, body and soul. The important thing here is to do what feels right for you. From yoga stretches and a 10-minute walk to a Beyonce dance party in your living room, anything you can do to warm your body up will render positive effects for the day ahead. Chances are, the more you do this, the more excited you will be to do it again as you begin to crave the benefits of an internal source of energy as you go about your day.

NATURE. Taking time to be with nature (or natural elements) can be a very grounding experience. Think outside of the box here too and make it work for your situation. Try just taking a moment to lay in the warm grass with your baby and focusing on the power of the earth lifting you up. Pop outside to peek at the sunrise, drink your coffee on the porch or simply open the windows and listen to the birds chirping. Nature often reminds us of the big picture, the connection we all have to one another, and the simple beauty found around us every day.