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7 Realistic Self-Care Ideas for Moms

7 Realistic Self-Care Ideas for Moms

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There’s certainly no shortage of “self-care” content being thrown at us from every which way, but when you’re a new mom who is trying to remember the last time she showered, the idea of self-care can feel laughable. It's often one of the many things that gets left in the dust when time is limited and a tiny human commandeers all of your waking moments. But it is possible to get self-care in every day, even if it’s just a little bit. Trust us, those little bits add up over the course of the week!

So, if you’ve been struggling to squeeze in those precious moments of self-care each day, try out these ideas:

No. 1 / Take a walk break

In the middle of your workday, go for a 10- to 15-minute wrap 'n' walk by yourself or with someone you love. And don’t do it on your “lunch break.” This should be a separate break that is strictly for getting outside and getting your blood flowing. Don’t let it cut into your other breaks. The world will not end if you take 10 minutes for yourself each day. 

No. 2 / Make a “well done” list

A pat on the back is a form of self-care. Write yourself a “well done” list at the end of each day to celebrate all of your achievements for the day, no matter how big or small. If your list begins and ends at "kept the tiny humans alive," you deserve the kudos.

No. 3 / Have a dance party

You can do this alone or with the family. Throw in your headphones while your partner gives the kids a bath and dance your little heart out while doing the dishes. It’s amazing how much a dance party can get your blood pumping and those endorphins flowing. Lip-synching (or real singing!) is also highly encouraged.

No. 4 / Tidy up

It’s hard to feel calm and happy when you’re surrounded by clutter. Especially when you have little ones, you might feel like you’re constantly cleaning up after other people. Try to use the “back to ready” mentality. This means before you leave a room, take three minutes to clean up your surroundings and put everything “back to ready.” If you have big kids, put on a song and have them try and pick up as many toys as they can before the song ends. 

No. 5 / Make a healthy smoothie

Eating veggies sounds like a given, right? But you’d be amazed how often you can go without a nutritious meal when you’re busy. How many times have you had cereal for dinner? Get your veggies in daily, preferably with every meal. If the latter isn't feasible, try starting your day with a veggie-packed breakfast or making a smoothie for a snack.

No. 6 / Breathe mindfully

Meditation is often skipped because of time restraints, but mindful breathing is a practice you can squeeze in no matter the scenario. Even if it’s just a few minutes while you’re breastfeeding your babe, taking that time to turn your focus inward and connect with your body is so incredibly beneficial for you.

No. 7 / Take your supplements

Supplements can help fill in the gaps for areas your diet or lifestyle may be missing. Curating a daily supplement routine will help you feel better physically and mentally, because it’s a small ritual that signifies your dedication to taking care of yourself.

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