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A Fall Self-Care Challenge That’s Actually Doable

A Fall Self-Care Challenge That’s Actually Doable

Self-care is one of those things that’s easier said than done because self-care takes time, and as busy humans, that’s something we’re often lacking. Especially when we work, wrangle kids, spend time with friends, etc., those pockets of self-care time seem to vanish like vapors into thin air. That’s because we don’t prioritize it. Work is more important than self-care. Errands are more important than self-care. Checking everything off your to-do list is more important than self-care. Right? That’s where we’re so often wrong.

Self-care isn’t any less important than any of those things. But it is harder to justify and squeeze into our day. This fall, we encourage our mamas to carve out time for micro self-care techniques. If you’re thinking, “I don’t have time for indulgent self-care because I need to do this, this and this,” we get it. We’re right there with you. But we hope you’ll join us in taking part of our fall self-care challenge with these totally doable self-care activities.

5-minute journaling

There are so many guided journals out there designed for busy people. Whether you do it on your lunch break or before you drift of for the night, a quick journaling session is great for your mental health.

Listen to a sleep podcast

Rather than falling asleep while scrolling your phone or watching tv, try out a new sleep podcast. Or you can get really wild and listen to the Calm app read by Harry Styles. Try listening to Harry’s dreamy voice sending you off to sleep and tell us that’s not self-care.

Lather up with oils

After your shower, spend a couple extra minutes on a luxurious body oil routine. Use a combination of oils that inspire your senses and gently massage onto your skin while still damp. Wait a couple minutes before getting dressed to allow the oils to really soak in. Not only are you taking care of your skin, you’re also indulging multiple senses in the process.

Support local farmers + nourish your body

CSA or urban share crops are a great way to get more vegetables into your diet. And the beauty is, they often deliver directly to you. I personally find it so fun to explore all the produce in my bi-weekly box and plan meals around the ingredients. The results are often packed with nutrients and flavors that I might not otherwise have picked up on a hurried trip to the grocery store.

Picture your happy place

Close your eyes for a minute. Imagine yourself in your favorite place. It can be a real place or a place you hope to visit one day. Try and imagine all of the different senses associated with it: sounds, smells, temperature, feelings on your skin. Let these senses take root in your mind for a minute and allow yourself to bask in them. It might sound silly, but it’s actually a variation on EMDR therapy (eye movement desensitization reprocessing) because it helps your brain and your body respond as if you’re actually there in that happy place.

Schedule your appointments

Scheduling as self-care?! Yep. Taking five minutes to schedule your next doctor’s appointment, fitness class or date night helps you feel productive, and you’re setting yourself up for success later, too.

Get yourself a new personal plant

Head to your local nursery and buy yourself a new indoor plant friend. Here’s the kicker: name that plant after yourself. Water, nourish and talk to the plant. Naming your plant after yourself gives it an identity and activates the part of your brain that values nourishment and growth.

Invest in a deck of cards

Not playing cards! There are some really beautiful mindfulness and affirmation decks out there right now. Make it a habit to pull a card each morning before you dive into work. It helps set intentions and provide positive affirmations to guide you throughout your day.

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