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What makes the Solly Wrap so special?

Who better to answer what makes the Solly Wrap special than Solly Founder and mom of four Elle Rowley? Here, she shares just a few benefits of the Solly Wrap, including its light weight, compact construction, high-quality American-made fabric, and the comfort it provides for both baby and wearer. (Just ask her about the time she wore her baby in it for almost 14 hours around Japan!)

Help! I'm intimidated.

Feeling a little intimidated as you learn how to use your new Solly Baby Wrap? We totally get it—and we’re here to help. From our step-by-step tutorial videos to our in-house babywearing educator, we’ve got plenty of resources to help guide you through the process of putting on your wrap so you feel confident and secure wearing your little one. And good news: We’ve found that six practice runs is usually all it takes to feel like you have it down. You’ve got this, mom and dad!

How can I nurse in the wrap?

Wondering if you can nurse in your Solly Baby Wrap? The answer is yes(!) and this video will walk you through our best tips for nursing your baby while wearing your wrap. Remember, nursing in any baby carrier takes time and patience. Be gentle with yourself as you and baby get the hang of it!

How should I take my baby out?

The key to taking your baby out of the Solly Baby Wrap: Peel the onion! In this video, Solly Baby Founder Elle Rowley shares a quick, easy way to take your baby out of your wrap while keeping the wrap off the ground. 

How early can I wear my baby?

Your precious new arrival is here—hooray! Now, how early can you start wearing baby in your Solly Wrap? We recommend going "from womb to wrap" to help ease baby's transition to the world since the wrap creates a womb-like environment for them.

Is my baby positioned safely?

The best way to ensure that your baby is positioned safely in your Solly Baby Wrap is to go over our quick mental safety checklist. Here, Solly Baby Founder Elle Rowley walks through an easy-to-remember acronym to guide you as you ensure baby is safe and comfortable in your Solly Wrap.

Is my baby comfortable?

How can you ensure that you and your baby are comfortable inside your Solly Baby Wrap? By getting a good, deep seat. Here, Solly Baby Founder Elle Rowley demonstrates the best position for a baby in the wrap to keep them safe and comfortable. 

How can I support my baby's head?

For little ones who are still building up their neck muscles, the Solly Baby Wrap offers plenty of support for their head. Here, Solly Baby Founder Elle Rowley demonstrates how to keep baby’s head safe and supported with the Solly Wrap. 

Can I wear twins?

Can you wear twins in a Solly Baby Wrap? Stretchy wrap brands, including the Solly Baby Wrap, aren’t designed for carrying two babies at once. However, wearing one baby in your Solly Wrap while tending to the other for feeding and changing is a game-changer (especially in those early months), according to many of our twin parents!

Can I wear my premie?

Can you wear a preemie in your Solly Baby Wrap? Our wraps are designed for babies from 8 pounds to a max weight of 25 pounds. There are wearers who carry their little ones under the 8-pound recommendation, but that’s entirely up to each wearer’s discretion, comfort level, and advisement from a medical professional. 

Is my baby too old for the wrap?

If you find your baby is getting lower or looser in the Solly Baby Wrap faster than usual, you may be tempted to think that they’ve gotten too old for the wrap. As it turns out, there are a few techniques that are key to carrying an older baby in your Solly Wrap. Here, Solly Baby founder Elle Rowley shares a step-by-step guide to wrapping your baby as they get a bit older. In addition, she shares tips for avoiding having your baby sit too low in the wrap. 

I'm plus size. Will the wrap still work?

All Solly Baby Wraps come in one size with a universal fit, making them ideal for petite and plus-sized wearers. 

How should dads wrap?

Looking for a baby carrier that dad will love, too? Here, we share a step-by-step guide for wearing the Solly Baby Wrap for men. Don’t worry, it’s not much different from how mom wears it!  

Wrap before you go

One of our best Solly Baby Wrap tips: Put it on before you go! Whether your day calls for errands or a trip to the park, having your wrap on and ready before you leave the house makes it easy when baby is going to be in and out. 

How do I store my wrap?

In this video, Solly Baby Founder demonstrates how to take baby out of the Solly Wrap and store it for future use. One of our favorite parts about the Solly Baby Wrap: It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to store in your car, diaper bag, or baby’s nursery. 


keep baby close + keep baby safe

T Tight Learn More

Your wrap should be tight enough to hug baby close to you, keeping you both comfortable + supported. Any slack in the fabric will cause baby to slump down in the wrap, which can hinder their breathing and strain your back.

I In view at all times Learn More

You should be able to see baby’s face by simply glancing down. You shouldn’t need to pull the fabric away from their face to check on them.

C Close enough to kiss Learn More

Baby’s head should be as close to your chin as is comfortable. By tipping your head forward, you should be able to kiss baby on the head or forehead—and inhale that intoxicating newborn smell!

K Keep chin off the chest Learn More

Baby should never be curled so their chin is forced onto their chest, which can restrict breathing. Ensure there is always a space of at least a finger width under baby’s chin.

S Supported Back Learn More

In an upright carry, baby should be held comfortably close to the wearer so their back is supported in its natural position and their tummy + chest are against you. If the wrap is too loose, baby may slump or curl, which can obstruct their airway.

Fit checks + Custom Tips

We're Here to Help

Meet our babywearing educator

I'm Morgan, a certified babywearing educator and mama here to support you with any questions about your Solly Baby Wrap. I believe your wrap should be the most comfortable place for you and your baby—and I'd love to help ensure that's the case for you. Please reach out anytime!

The Solly Wrap is easy for anyone to use, from first-time parents to moms of multiples to baby's caregivers. When you're learning how to put on Solly Wraps for the first time, be sure to reference these helpful videos. Our Solly Baby Wrap tutorials will walk you through each step of the process, from wrapping technique to tips to make sure both you and baby are perfectly comfortable using the wrap. Simply follow our Solly Wrap steps and you'll soon be on your way to bonding with baby for hours on end.

The Solly Wrap outshines other baby wraps on the market in a number of ways. It's made from sustainably sourced and biodegradable 100% certified TENCEL™ Modal and sewn in Los Angeles, ensuring the level of quality and craftsmanship that baby deserves. Hands-free babywearing is more comfortable with this wrap since it has a lightweight, soft and breathable material with a customizable fit. Best of all, it makes baby happy by reducing infant crying and easing gas and reflux, all while helping to reduce postpartum depression.

Our Wrap Tutorials walk you through all the practical tips you'll need. In addition to learning how to use a Solly Baby wrap, you'll get helpful tips to make sure you and your baby feel secure and comfortable. You'll also learn how to place your baby safely in the wrap to achieve the ideal deep-seated position. It only takes minutes to learn, and the more you do it, the easier it gets!