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7 Nesting Hacks Every Mama Should Try

7 Nesting Hacks Every Mama Should Try

Nesting is such a strange phenomenon when you truly think about it. Just when you’re about to topple over from the weight of your growing belly, you suddenly decide to purge the linen closet, go all Great British Bake Off in the kitchen, or clean the bathroom like your life depends on it. Why?

And as cute as folding tiny baby socks may be, there’s a rational element to nesting. There’s a practical, psychological, problem-solving drive behind the urge. When your baby arrives, life will be all about them. And you are meant to rest when he sleeps—you don’t want to be cleaning out closets then!

Embracing the nesting instinct is a good way of minimizing the amount of things that might tempt you not to rest once your baby arrives. So feel free to give in to the nesting urge while you can! As long as your healthcare provider gives you the all clear and you feel up to the task, take advantage of the time you have before your hands are inevitably full of cuter and more demanding things.

In case you need some ideas for making the most out of your nesting urges, here are some of our (personally tried-and-true!) tips.

Use labels as a visual reminder.

Attach reassuring labels to remind yourself the job is done. A ‘packed and ready to go!’ tag tied onto the handle of your hospital bag will make you feel great.

Take a beat before giving in to a new urge.

When you feel the urge to paint the kitchen, set the timer on your phone and do something to distract yourself. Chances are, the urge will have passed by the time the timer sounds.

Add star ratings to your to-do list.

Think: three stars for ‘must-do’ tasks, two for ‘would be good to do’ and one for ‘could do after the baby is born.’ Start with the three-star tasks, and tick them off as you complete them, so you have visual reassurance that you’re making progress. Try our Nesting Checklist to help get you started. 

Practice asking for help.

Utilize friends and family during the nesting phase. It’s good to get in the habit for when your baby is born, and delegating tasks on your to-do list will allow more boxes to get checked.

Include YOU on your to-do list.

Put you on your to-do list and use your nesting instinct to properly nurture yourself ready for your baby’s arrival.

Make backup plans.

Life rarely goes according to plan. If you’re further along, it’s important not to overdo it. Make a Plan A of what you want to achieve before your baby is born, but make a Plan B and a Plan C as well. Put deadlines on these lists and prioritize them with your partner, but also give yourself grace in knowing that once your baby arrives, your priorities will probably change.

Spend time in your nest.

Now is the perfect opportunity to spend some extra time with your friends and family. You’ll be busy with your baby soon, and probably a little sleep-deprived too, so fill up that cup of friendship and love, so you have plenty in the reserves.

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