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Solly 101

Solly 101 | Babywearing Basics

Get in on the back-to-school spirit with our crash course in babywearing! We'll be sharing a classic Solly Wrap tutorial, our best tips for nursing in the wrap, a genius hack for keeping the tails of the ground when tying on on-the-go, and so much more. Find the Solly 101 syllabus below and join us on Instagram and TikTok to follow along. As always, we're happy to answer any and all of your questions along the way!

Solly 101 Syllabus

Pop back to this post throughout the week! We'll be updating it with links to all the best content to help you master your wrap.

Beginner's Wrap Tutorial

Beginner's Wrap Tutorial

Watch this tutorial to learn how to wrap your little one (or a stuffed animal, sack of flour, perhaps your pup, lol) and ensure you are both exceptionally comfortable. It might seem intimidating at first, but with a few practice sessions and a bit of studying, you’ll be wrapping confidently in no time.

The Easiest Way to Take Baby Out

The Easiest Way to Take Baby Out
Want to know the easiest way to get baby out of the wrap while babywearing? Spoiler alert: It doesn’t involve untying the knot! Here’s your study guide for getting baby out with ease (and without the wrap ending up in a pile on the floor).

How to Braid Your Wrap
How to Braid Your Solly Wrap

Ready for a beautiful way to store your wrap that's both easy and practical?Braiding your wrap works great for short-term storage and is a game-changer when wrapping on-the-go so the long ends don’t touch the floor. That tutorial will come next, but let's learn the braiding basics first.

The Secret to Keeping Tails Off the Ground

The Secret to Keeping the Tails Off the Ground
Raise your hand if you’ve ever wondered: How do I keep the tails from touching the ground when I’m wrapping in a parking lot/at the playground/insert anywhere with a less-than-clean floor here? Here’s a genius hack that will blow your mind. 

Breastfeeding and Bottle-Feeding in the WrapBreastfeeding + Bottle-feeding in the Wrap
Because sometimes you've gotta take your meal to-go, you know? Whether you're wondering how to nurse baby in the Solly Wrap or want to make sure your bottle-feeding strategy is ideal, here's everything you need to know about feeding baby while babywearing. 

Perfecting the Wrap-to-Crib TransferPerfecting the Wrap-to-Crib Transfer
Confession: A wrap nap is our favorite thing in the world, but sometimes you just need to be alone. If your little one has peacefully dozed off in the wrap, and you’re ready to wash your hair, squeeze in a quick workout, or sneak in a nap yourself, behold The Wrap-to-Crib Transfer Technique.

5 Babywearing Safety Tips
Have you heard of the T.I.C.K.S. for babywearing? It’s like a cheat sheet for keeping baby safe while in the wrap—and it's what you should run through mentally every time you place baby in.

Need a private tutor? You're in luck! Whether you're not quite sure you're doing it right or have a specific question (e.g., Why does baby sink down after 20 minutes?), our babywearing educator Morgan is here to help! Email a photo of you + baby wrapped to for a complimentary fit check, or schedule a free consult to get one-on-one support. 

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