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Full Heart with Jocelyn Forgerson

Full Heart with Jocelyn Forgerson

Our favorite thing about Solly Baby is you—the community of moms and dads doing the beautiful, messy, important work of raising little ones. In our weekly Full Heart Series, we're sharing stories from our Solly Community that resonate, inspire, and remind us we're never alone. Join us as we savor these everyday moments that leave our hearts full.

Mother, father, and young daughter smile while holding toddler daughter on the beach

Let’s start with a quick introduction. Tell us the facts.
Name: Jocelyn Forgerson
Children: River (5 years), Eden (3 years)
Location: Temecula, CA
Occupation: Social Media Manager

Woman looks lovingly down at baby in Solly Wrap and smiles

When and how did you get connected with Solly?
The first time I was connected with Solly was in 2018 when I was pregnant with my first daughter, River. My friend Megan became a mom before me in 2016 and she raved about her Solly Wrap and would wear it everywhere. When I was pregnant, it was the first product I knew I needed!

What’s a time in the last week when your heart has felt full?
Floating in the pool holding my girls and listening to their infectious laugh. It's moments like these that remind me how fleeting this season with them is.

Baby sleeps peacefully and smiles in sleep while being held by mom in the Solly Wrap

What is your favorite thing about your Solly Wrap?
For me, the Solly Wrap felt like it was a part of me, almost like another limb. I love how close I felt to my girls when they were wrapped up.

What’s something about motherhood that has surprised you?
Seeing myself reflected in my children! Growing up, there were certain quirks and traits about myself that I didn't particularly appreciate. Yet now as a parent, witnessing those very same characteristics in my children brings me immense joy. I've come to deeply value and cherish these unique qualities because they're an integral part of who my children are.

When do you feel at your best as a mom?
When I've had a good night’s rest and a good morning meal.

Woman holds small daughter in one arm, and the hand of her older daughter with the other

Walk us through a typical day in your life.
My typical day involves getting the girls ready for the day, school drop off, work, and always doing some level of physical activity. 

What would you do with an extra hour in the day (other than sleep)?
I would sit with my husband and spend extra quality time with him, or call my mom to chat about our days. The older I get, the more I realize how important these extra conversations really are to me.  

Where was the first place you took your baby (other than the pediatrician’s office)?
Our first baby, River, spent a month in the NICU. The first time they allowed us to take her outside was truly special. Despite her still being hooked to wires, it was a fleeting moment where we felt disconnected from the hospital environment. It was as if, just for that moment, I was a regular mom taking her baby outside to see the world for the first time.

What’s something you loved to do before baby that you still do or would like to start up again (eventually)?
I loved to run, and really want to get back into it. I have never experienced something so physically taxing and yet rewarding in the same breath. 

First thing you ate after giving birth?
In-N-Out and it was a terrible idea. Can you say gas pain? Don't do it! Lol.

Any funny pregnancy stories?
My husband took me to Red Robin because I had an intense craving for their fries! All I could think about was those bottomless fries. When they weren't coming out fast enough, I found myself overwhelmed with frustration, and before I knew it, tears were streaming down my face right then and there! It's certainly not a moment I'm proud of, but looking back, I realize it was just one of those funny symptoms of pregnancy!

What’s something about motherhood that you wish people talked about more?
After giving birth, I found myself grappling with intrusive thoughts, and it was a deeply isolating experience. It wasn't until I sought help that I realized what I was going through. Discovering that it was a common symptom of postpartum depression was eye-opening, but I wish I had been more aware of it beforehand.

What was the fourth trimester like for you?
The fourth trimester with our first was tough. Being in the hospital with our preemie in the NICU while healing from birth seemed impossible, and it took a toll on my mental health. With our second daughter, we were proactive about my mental well-being, and I truly enjoyed the fourth trimester the second time around.

Woman smiles while leaning head on baby's head held close to hers

Favorite piece of advice you’ve received about motherhood?
Best advice from my own mother. "We are making their memories. As mothers, we have this incredible opportunity to shape the memories that our children will carry with them throughout their lives. Every hug, every story shared, every adventure embarked upon becomes a part of their personal story, shaping who they are and what they'll remember. It's a responsibility that's both humbling and empowering. We're not just raising children; we're building experiences that will become the foundation of who they are. So, let's cherish these moments, knowing that in our everyday actions, we're not just making memories; we're also creating a bond that lasts a lifetime."

Words of wisdom would you share with other moms?
One of my favorite quotes says, “When your babies arrive, the best you can hope for is that they break open everything about you.” And while that feels uncertain, scary and might reveal vulnerabilities, strengths, and depths within you that you've never met, embrace it with your whole heart. 

What are three things in your motherhood starter pack?
Emotional Support Water Bottle (lol), sunscreen, and snacks for the girls.

What Solly pieces(s) do you have? What's on your wishlist?
I own so much Solly! I believe I have 10 total wraps. Back when my girls were small, Solly carried gowns so I have a few of those as well as sleepers and swaddles. My favorite wrap that I carried both girls in was Charcoal Swiss Dot. On my wishlist: The Pepper Crib Sheet for Eden!

How about a round of rapid-fire favorites…
Indulgence: Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso from Starbucks
Podcast: Nick Viall's The Viall Files
Children's Book: Many Shapes of Clay by Kenesha Sneed
Mama-time activity: A solo run or walk to clear my head
After bedtime snack: Boom Chicka Pop Popcorn

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