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Simple Pleasures to Savor Postpartum

Simple Pleasures to Savor Postpartum

Mom holding baby tight at golden hour with blue skies

Those early days and weeks of motherhood can feel like a blur. When life revolves around round-the-clock feedings and diaper changes, it can feel difficult to stay awake—let alone be present enough to savor any specific moments. Still, certain moments are unique to postpartum, and as such, worth truly soaking in. 

And remember, savoring a moment doesn’t require anything grand. A mere acknowledgment is enough. When you do experience these simple pleasures, we hope you’ll remember them as highlights of a season that is both beautiful and challenging. 

That first meal after giving birth. 

That first shower, too.

Giant hospital cups filled with ice water and a bendy straw.

The bliss of wearing adult diapers if you so choose.

That intoxicating newborn smell. 

That first finger grip with those little hands.

Baby’s big stretch after being unswaddled. 

The immediate absence of all of those pregnancy aches, pains, and symptoms. (Bye, heartburn!)

Lying on your stomach for the first time in months. 

Peach-fuzz baby skin.

That arched-back-scrunch any time you pick up baby.

Tiny baby toes.

Baby’s post-milk dream smile.

The adrenaline of early postpartum that makes you feel like you can do anything. (You can.)

What moments were most meaningful to you postpartum? What moment have you been anticipating as your due date draws near? We hope you’re able to savor it all.

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