What's in My Hospital Bag: First-Time Mama

What's in My Hospital Bag: First-Time Mama

As a first-time mama racing toward my due date (just a few weeks to go!), I’ve recently entered the nesting phase. You know the one—where every spare piece of paper is filled with scrawled to-do’s, baseboards get scrubbed for the first time in ages, and tiny outfits get washed in preparation for a sweet new addition. 

Next up on those to-do’s: Pack hospital bag. 

Like I said, I’m a first-time mom. As such, I’ve relied on dear friends throughout my pregnancy who have experienced motherhood before me. From “What prenatal vitamins should I take?” to “What do I put on my registry?,” they’ve helped me navigate every stage of this miraculous, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming journey. So, with the help of my most trusted advisors, here’s what I’m packing in my hospital bag:

Car seat
Okay, so this won’t go in my bag, but it’ll go alongside it! We’re planning to install ours before I hit 37 weeks, that way we’ll be familiar with how it works and can double-check it’s installed correctly before I go into labor. 

We’ll have a folder with our birth plan, pediatrician contact information, insurance card, and IDs.

The regular stuff: Toothbrush/toothpaste, face wash, body soap, contact solution/case, hair brush, lotion, and makeup. Plus a few nice-to-haves gifted by my best friend (a mama of five): this hydrating lip mask and brightening eye balm.

Comfy clothes and shoes
I’ve lived in this pajama set throughout my entire pregnancy. It’s so soft and cozy. There’s a one hundred percent chance it’ll make a hospital appearance, too. Also, sandals that can be worn in the shower.

Something salty (goldfish and our favorite beef jerky), something sweet (dried mangoes and gummy bears), protein bars, and coconut water to stay hydrated. Plus, reusable water bottles for mom and dad. 

An extra-long phone charger, handheld fan, and portable speaker (you bet my husband and I are collaborating on a labor playlist!).

From home—one for me and one for dad. This has been a recommendation from every mama I know. Hospitals do a lot of things well…comfy pillows are not one of them. I’ll pack one of our favorite blankets too. Anything to make the experience a little cozier! 

Postpartum Essentials
Pads, mesh underwear, instant ice maxi pads, and stool softener. A few of my girlfriends swear by this kit. Nursing bras and nipple cream, too. I’m also planning to bring my breast pump, that way the lactation consultants can guide me as I learn how to use it. 

Last but not least, a Going Home Outfit
For me and baby boy! The vibe: Comfy and cute. We got him this sleeper (so soft and the sweetest color) with a matching knotted hat and I picked out this set for me. We’ll drive 5 mph all the way home like every other set of wide-eyed first-time parents and settle into life as a family of three. What a gift!

P.S. Here's my labor playlist, in case you're looking for inspo (or run out of time to create your own!). 

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