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5 Tips for Traveling with Baby with Madi Nelson

5 Tips for Traveling with Baby with Madi Nelson

Polaroid of a mother holding her baby in a Solly Wrap on a pink background.

Our Solly Baby x Madi Nelson Collection is here, and the mama of three behind the collaboration just wrapped up a European adventure with her three little ones, East, Noah, and Navy, in tow.

As Madi donned her Ditsy Floral in front of the Eiffel Tower and went sightseeing in Italy with her new addition wrapped up in Cream Chequer, she showed all of us back home that while travel with children isn't always perfect, it's absolutely worth it.

If you're thinking about planning a trip with your little one—whether a few weeks across the ocean or a weekend getaway a town over—here are a few tips for traveling with baby to keep in mind.

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Mother mini golfs by lake with her baby wrapped in ditsy floral01. Embrace a new perspective.

Vacationing with kids looks different than without—and that's okay! Consider shifting your mindset: A trip with kids is simply everyday parenting in a new place. It helps to be at peace with spending more time at playgrounds than museums or eating takeout in your Airbnb after baby has gone to bed. Even if it's less glamorous, it can still be exciting (and worthwhile!) to visit somewhere new. 

Mother taking a nap with her baby on the grass on a cream checkered wrap

02. Set your expectations low.

Plan to do one thing each day and stay flexible knowing the best laid plans often change when littles are around. Respect your limits and take heart knowing you can always come back if there's still more you want to see or do. Sometimes trips with kids are just a way to whet your appetite for a spot!

Mother holding her baby in a pink floral wrap on the streets of Italy

03. Skip the stroller.

If you've got several little ones in tow and will be walking a lot, a stroller might make sense. But there will likely be times you can leave it at the hotel (or even at home!), and travel a little lighter. When you're navigating cobblestone streets, close quarters, or subway stairs, you'll be pleased to find how much easier it is to have baby in the wrap. Plus, your tiny traveler will be comforted by your close proximity as they take in a new environment. 

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Polaroid of smiling baby crawling in a pink floral sleeper
04. Prioritize convenience.

You won't regret booking a direct flight, staying somewhere with an elevator, or having a nice view to enjoy from your room while baby naps. There are likely some areas where you'll be saving (so long, fancy meals!), so when you can, reallocate those funds to comforts and conveniences that will make the realities of your adventure more manageable. 

Polaroid of a mom kissing her baby in a cream checkered baby wrap

05. Be encouraged.

Remember: When you travel with kids, you’re giving them (and yourself!) the invaluable gift of new experiences and treasured memories—imperfections and interruptions included. You'll always remember the time you bought the wrong size diapers because you miscalculated baby's weight in kilograms. Or the time an Italian grandmother brought out a plate of food especially for your tot because feeding others is her love language. Or the time you stayed out way past bedtime to watch the sunset and it was totally magical and worth it even if everyone was pooped the next day. You're making family memories and writing stories you'll tell for years to come. 

Bonus tip: How to wrap in the airport! Watch Madi Nelson give a personal tutorial.


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