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My Top 5 Baby Products for the First Four Months

My Top 5 Baby Products for the First Four Months

Solly Baby’s Email Marketing Manager and mama to 4-month-old Liam shares her can’t live without products for those first few months with baby.

Whether you’re patiently awaiting your baby’s arrival or just home from the hospital, becoming a new mom is an adventure in the best way. My baby is almost 4 months old, and time is just not kind to a new mom (haha). You’re so excited for the next milestone, but also want time to stop time to breathe in that sweet baby breath and newborn smell forever.. 

You make many decisions as a new mama, and choosing all the "essentials" for your baby can be overwhelming. It’s hard to narrow down the list with about a million cute and dainty baby items on the market that you’ll convince yourself you have to have. Isn’t there a saying that you don’t know what you don’t know? It’s true! I didn’t realize until my sweet baby was in my arms for the first time that I was everything he needed. You are everything your baby needs. Take heart, mama, and remember you don’t have to dot every I or cross every T when buying for your new little one. 

That said, becoming a mom is the best feeling in the world, and with that comes the excitement of buying all the top baby products. As I mentioned, I quickly learned that I didn’t need all that much, and neither did my baby. But here are a few of my most-used baby items that I know you will love as a first-time mom. (And I bet you’ll love them if you’re a seasoned mama of five, too.) 

01. Doona Car Seat & Stroller

The first baby item that set other baby items apart for me was the Doona. The Doona is an infant car seat and stroller all in one. From the moment my husband and I put our newborn into the car seat, the Doona has made traveling with our baby a breeze. I understand the price tag might bring some hesitation, but once you’re in the thick of the late-night feeds and the early-morning wake-up calls, the ease of packing up your little one to grab some caffeine will be worth the cost. 

02. My Brest Friend Organic Nursing Pillow

The name says it all. This organic nursing pillow has quickly become my best friend. If you plan to breastfeed, you will want to add this to your registry. Getting the hang of nursing for the first time comes with a learning curve, but the pillow makes getting everyone and everything positioned just right a little easier. The wraparound feature is my favorite part, keeping the pillow in place while feeding, and the side storage pocket for extra hair ties is a perk. I also love that if my baby falls asleep nursing, I know he is comfortable during a contact nap, and the material is safe for his skin. My only regret is not taking it to the hospital for those first few sleepless nights. (Bonus: It doubles as a super comfy place to rest my laptop. Shout out to all you working mamas; you’re crushing it!)

03. Portable Sound Machine

Could a sound machine be more beautiful? The best part: It’s functional, too. The Rest Go portable sound machine was a product I didn’t know I needed until I did, beauty aside. The first few weeks postpartum, I was in hibernation mode, but once the time came to leave the house, this was a lifesaver in soothing my baby on the go. Getting errands done and nap time in simultaneously is a true mom win. The biggest perk is that it’s easy to use and drop-proof for all our adventures.

04. Swaddle

Nothing is more satisfying than getting that snug swaddle, am I right? Bringing a swaddle to the hospital was at the top of my list. This swaddle is my favorite, and the material will make you melt. It’s oh-so-soft, a match made in heaven for that delicate newborn skin. Another option, and one that my baby loves, for overnight is a weighted swaddle. It helps my baby stay asleep longer, and anything that gives my husband and me a few more Z's as new parents is at the top of my list. 

05. Solly Baby Wrap

Last on the list, but best of all, is the Solly Baby Wrap. I sometimes find it hard to give up holding my baby when another person asks if they can. Cue the buttery-soft and breathable Solly Baby Wrap, which has made all the difference in keeping my baby close in social settings. The Solly Baby Wrap increases the connection between you and your baby and creates the freedom you crave as you come out of the newborn haze. (You know the feeling—you don’t want to put your baby down because your body feels as empty as your arms are without them, but the dishes are piling up.) Another perk is that the Solly Baby Wrap is ethically made and is 100% certified TENCEL™ Modal, which is essential to me because I know the fabric touching my baby’s skin is safe. Our babies are the other half of our heart, we need them as much as they need us. The Solly Baby Wrap bridges the gap between needing to get things done and keeping them close.  

That’s it! I hope you love my essentials for those first few weeks with your new little one as much as I do. And remember, you are all your baby really needs. Your love is indispensable to them. You’ve got this, mama.

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