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Full Heart with Stephanie Vermaas

Full Heart with Stephanie Vermaas

Our favorite thing about Solly Baby is you—the community of moms and dads doing the beautiful, messy, important work of raising little ones. In Full Heart, a new weekly Solly Series, we'll be chatting with community members and sharing stories that resonate, inspire, and remind us we're never alone. Join us in savoring these everyday moments that leave our hearts full.

Let's start with a quick introduction. Tell us the facts.
Name: Stephanie Vermaas
Children: 2.5-month-old Kaia
Location: Between Los Angeles, CA + Bali, Indonesia
Occupation: Fashion Entrepreneur + Mentor
Joined the Solly family in: 2023



First things first, we need to know about splitting your time between LA and Bali!
I’m part Indonesian, so I go back and forth since my family is in Bali. I gave birth to Kaia here, too! I’m currently here until the summer. 

What’s a time in the last week when your heart has felt full?
Last Sunday we had a family photo session at the house with an awesome family photographer I connected with on Instagram named Zi Fernandes. I really wanted some candid photos of the three of us and she captured these so perfectly. I love eternalizing memories through photos, especially since Kaia is growing up so fast.

Favorite thing about your Solly Wrap?
I love that it calms my baby and that we can stay close even when I'm busy doing stuff around the house.




Favorite time of day with your little one?
The morning. Kaia loves to play and always gives me the biggest smile. She puts me in the best mood and I'm ready to take on the day.

How do you define your role as a mother?
To be a role model and set a positive example. I have to be the best version of myself and show my daughter that the sky's the limit.

What about motherhood has surprised you?
You can live two truths at once. You can love your baby and mourn your old self. You can be excited about going back to work, but also feel guilty when you do things for yourself. And that’s okay. Mom guilt is definitely a real thing!

Walk us through a typical day in your life.
Right now we are trying to get into a routine but days normally look a little like this:

6 am | Wake up, cuddle, and feed Kaia
7:30 am | Sit in the sun with Kaia and a coffee, then shower
8:30 am | Kaia goes down for her nap and I go to pilates
10:30 am - 1pm | I get home, feed and play with Kaia, then eat lunch
1-4 pm | Kaia naps and I squeeze in some work and house stuff
4-6 pm | Feed, shower, and when my partner gets home we play with Kaia
6-8 pm | Spend time with my partner and have dinner
8:30 pm | Feed Kaia and put her back to sleep and then watch some tv, read a book or watch a webinar training


What would you do with an extra hour in the day (other than sleep)?
Get a massage or do some type of self-care…I can’t pour from an empty cup!

Words of wisdom would you share with other moms?
Get as much support as you can because it truly takes a whole village. Ask for help whenever you need it. Don't compare yourself with other moms on social media or expect to follow someone else’s routine. Your journey will be different and you’ll need to find what’s best for you and baby.

What are three things in your motherhood starter pack?
My Solly Wrap, the Hatch sound machine, and the Lovevery play gym.

What Solly pieces(s) do you have? What's on your wishlist?
I have the Liberty Myrtle Wrap and I'm obsessed with the print. I also have the Basil Wrap so my partner can use it as it's more neutral. Sleepers are currently on our wishlist but we cannot decide on which one!



How about a round of rapid-fire favorites…

Indulgence: A glass of wine
Podcast: On Purpose with Jay Shetty
Children's Book: Waar is Dribble (a Dutch book I read growing up)
Mama-time activity: Definitely postnatal pilates right now with a quick 15-minute sauna right after
Person to follow on social: I'd love for you to follow me @stephaniesrikandi so we can connect!
After bedtime snack: Some Swiss chocolate!

Want to share your story in an upcoming Full Heart feature? Email aly@sollybaby.com with your name and location. We'd love to hear from you!

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