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Behind the Seams: The Cottage Collection Made with Liberty Fabric

Behind the Seams: The Cottage Collection Made with Liberty Fabric

From their world-renowned print archive to your everyday moments, here’s a closer look at our limited-edition collection made with Liberty Fabric.

The stories we tell.
The traditions we share.
The wisdom we pass down. 

Together, these served as the inspiration for our Cottage Collection Made with Liberty Fabric.

Rich with a heritage of their own, the timeless designs in this collection are pulled from Liberty London's archive of over 45,000 prints. Each one is a celebration of connection — to ourselves, those who have raised us, and the ones we’ve been entrusted to care for.

An ode to what ties us together. 

We sat down with our Creative Director, Chelsey, to learn more about the making of this collection, from choosing from Liberty’s archive of prints to the Cotswolds-based photoshoot.

Meet the Prints
Working with Liberty London has been a bit of a fairytale experience. As a textile designer, Liberty is one of the most respected design houses in the industry. Their history and sheer number of designs is awe-inspiring. Truly, the challenge was narrowing it down! 

After receiving the sample books, it was a bit like a treasure hunt, flipping through swatches to find ones that spoke to me—and I hope speak to our Solly family. From a land of cottages and castles, I wanted each print to bring a sense of simple beauty and wonder to some of the mundane and challenging parts of new parenthood.

Originally designed for Liberty in the Jack Prince Studio in 1974, Pepper is reminiscent of pebbles in the bottom of a pond. It has an effortless cool factor, with shades of blue, green, and brown that come together in a lively way to create a beautiful texture. You can find all sorts of products that use this classic Liberty print, but this color variation was created especially for Solly.

Color notes: green, fern, basil, brown, twig, cream, blue, pale robin’s egg



Cottage Border 
A quick artist's sketch, this print aims to capture the beauty of a wild cottage garden with lively brushstrokes and abstract florals. It's one of those prints that even if you are wearing it with the dirtiest t-shirt and grungiest sweatpants, you'll feel beautiful.

Color notes: blue, sky, swell, pink, petal, coral blush, yellow, sunbeam, buttercream, green, olive



Myrtle, a design of climbing vines, is a plant symbolic of loyalty and love. Inspired by an archival Liberty artwork and reimagined to represent the story of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, it’s a sweet reminder of the bond formed in those early days and months between parent and child. 

Color notes: cream, green, basil, yellow, goldenrod


Behind the Shoot
My favorite part of working on this collection was the photoshoot. We shot this collection in the Cotswolds, in a stunning manor house with timber ceilings and quaint little corners built during the 16th century. It poured rain until late afternoon when the sun came out and created some of those idyllic garden moments. One of our baby models had just the cutest rosy cheeks and little rolls. His mother kept calling him her "little pudding." It was so sweet.


Styling the Collection
Our Classic Collection is full of colors that pair perfectly with our Liberty prints. Mix and match with the following for complementary styling.

Petal | A pale pink with grey undertones.
Mist | A muted grey-green.
Cacao | A dusty chocolate brown with notes of grey.


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