Motherhood Style Through the Ages

Motherhood Style Through the Ages

No matter the era, moms have always been style icons. We could—and did—spend hours perusing the archives to see what mamas wore when in their early years with their babes. And while the fashions shifted dramatically over the course of a century (the 90’s in the 1800s look much different from the 90’s in the 1900s!), there’s an unmistakable common thread: Every mother is stunning. 

Some may have felt unsure in their postpartum figures. Others may have been leaking milk or figuring out how to help their colicky baby. Perhaps all of them were as sleep-deprived as we are today. But these photos tell the story of the fleeting magic of those moments—a good reminder to get in front of the lens from time to time to document you in all your maternal glory.

Okay! Onto the fashion commentary. Are you ready?
Can’t help but be impressed by the impeccable tailoring of this mama’s ensemble (if not slightly concerned about her ability to breathe). 
How brave this photo must have been at the turn of the century! And how gorgeous would that puff sleeve be paired with a wrap today?
From the embroidery on her blouse to the woodwork on her rocker to the design of the tiles, every detail is just right.
The scallops. The heels. The hat. The roaring twenties at their finest. 
Is this the era we’re currently reliving because we’d be happy to recreate this entire look, darling baby arm candy included.
Peter Pan collar. Puff sleeves. Pleated skirt. The picture of put-together motherhood!

P.S. Please do not miss that cutie foot peeking out, which is really what this photo is all about. 
Could that jacket be more timeless? Or the leather gloves more sophisticated? Naturally, the hat tops off the whole look—as does the tot, who obviously inherited her mother’s knack for style. (Also, can we talk about the whitewall tires on the pram?) 
Perhaps the OG mom bun? Digging the contrast stitching on the jacket, pearl earrings and nail polish(!).
1973 mom and baby
Who doesn’t love a good floral? And let’s agree the best clothes for babies are no clothes, yes? 

It’s impossible to choose a favorite photo, but this one might be it. The sheer coordination of it all—style-wise and fitness-wise—is inspiring. Plus, all those cute baby bumps (and toddler stealing the show!).
Do we need a collection inspired by 1990s prints? (Yes. Yes, we do.) Any mother who has ever taken her family to the beach knows what this mama is feeling in this photo, but gosh, she makes the struggle look chic, doesn’t she?

Which decade is your favorite? Any you are glad to have missed? Our Cottage Collection made with Liberty Fabric was inspired by the most meaningful parts of our past and designed to help you create cherished, memorable moments—the ones you (and your babe) will love to look back on in the years to come. 

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