Your Guide to the Family Picnic with Heather Taylor Home

Your Guide to the Family Picnic with Heather Taylor Home

Nothing says summer quite like a picnic, and when you've got a new baby in the mix, it's hard to beat a bit of sunshine, easy + delicious food, and minimal cleanup in the kitchen. 

To celebrate our new Solly Baby x Heather Taylor Home Collection, inspired by simple pleasures and all things sunny + timeless, we put together a foolproof guide to picnicking with baby, including the best homemade lemonade recipe and some tips for summer babywearing. But first, we asked textile designer and mama of two Heather Taylor to share her best tips for creating family picnic magic...

The Makings of a Memorable Family Picnic 

01. What is the secret to a successful family picnic?

A big cozy quilt or tablecloth to use as a picnic blanket and lots of great snacks. I also love to have a deck of cards on hand for family games. 


02. What are your favorite foods to pack?

Lots of fresh fruit, cucumbers, crackers, cheese, charcuterie—fun snacks that are easy to grab. 

03. Any favorite picnic locations?

Either Griffith Park or the beach! 

04. What are some unexpected extras that can take a picnic to the next level of fun, cozy and/or memorable?

Cotton napkins in bright patterns and colors are always a fun way to set a picnic scene. In addition to a deck of cards, I love bringing along a travel size version of some of our favorite games, like Apples to Apples. A polaroid camera is always super fun and creates instant memories!



The Best Homemade Lemonade Recipe

If you're looking for the perfect balance of sweet and tart, this is it. Pack a thermos of this mint-infused lemonade for welcome refreshment that's deliciously satisfying.

6-8 lemons
1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water
1 cup mint leaves

Juice the lemons (you'll want about 2 cups of juice) and remove seeds. Add lemon juice to a large pitcher with 5 cups water. Make a simple syrup by placing 1 cup sugar and 2 cups water in a saucepan and bringing to a boil. Stir until sugar is dissolved; let cool. Add simple syrup to large pitcher to taste. Stir in mint leaves and refrigerate for 1 hour. Serve over ice.



How to Babywear Safely in Summer

While babywearing in the winter can feel extra cozy (hello, portable space heater!), summer babywearing might seem less ideal. But before you start sweating it, heed these practical tips from our babywearing educator Morgan to help you and baby keep your cool all summer long.

  • The wrap counts as a layer of clothing (albeit a lightweight and breathable one!), so dress baby in as little as possible. A diaper and a bodysuit are plenty—and we’ve even been known to skip the bodysuit on occasion. 

  • Wearing baby skin-to-skin can be temperature-regulating, but at times doing so may lead to more sweating. Instead, consider wearing a shirt (T-shirt, tank top, etc.) that comes up high enough for baby to rest their head on when they lay against your chest.

  • Never place any extra or added material, such as cooling towels, between you and baby.

  • As always, keep the shoulder passes out and away from baby's face and airways. You’ll also want to avoid covering the back of baby's head to help keep them cool.

  • If you are using the newborn carry adaptation with baby's legs and feet covered, try transitioning to the classic carry with baby's legs out. The classic carry is suitable from birth—just remember to account for sun exposure when their legs are out.

  • Keeping hydrated, hanging out in the shade or air conditioning, dressing in light colors, and wearing a large brim hat or using a parasol for added shade can all go a long way to keeping you and baby cool.

  • Remember to keep an eye out for flushed cheeks on baby, and to take baby out if you or they are too warm.


Whatever your picnic looks like, remember that perfect is never the goal. So focus on spending time together as a family and enjoying as many moments as you can. They could end up being memories you'll cherish for years to come!  

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