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Why Babywearing is for Everyone

Why Babywearing is for Everyone

Babywearing has been a vital tool for mothers for as long as babies have been born. And while we could go on and on about the benefits of wearing for mamas, babywearing isn’t just beneficial to those who give birth. It's an incredible for way for them to get to know the smells, heart beats, and voices of other important figures in their life, too. 

Dad looking down at baby in Natural and Grey Stripe Solly Wrap

Non-Birthing Parents
For a non-birthing partner, babywearing is empowering. Oftentimes, especially following the birth of their baby, it can be hard for the non-birthing parent to know where they fit into the newly revised family picture. Babywearing can help them know how important they are to their family as a whole. Plus, it's a practical way to (literally) share the parental load. The non-birthing parent can learn and respond to baby's cue more quickly, grow more confident in their own parenting contributions, and help prevent maternal burnout.

Foster + Adoptive Parents
Babywearing can be a beautiful tool for both a child and foster parent as they get to know each other. Wrapping that sweet babe up helps them to get to know you, their new caregiver, their new No. 1. It helps them feel safe and secure, and lets them explore their new environment in their own time. Babywearing can also help them relax and learn to regulate themselves. For older babies, it’s a chance to get to know you in a calm and reassuring way. As they take in their brand new environment, they have a chance to settle in, look around, and slowly take it all in from a safe space. As they do, they'll hopefully learn quickly you're a bubble of calm and comfort.

If you’re lucky enough to have grandparents who want to be involved with the kiddos, consider introducing them to babywearing! When older generations see baby wraps and slings, they often say, “We didn’t have things like that in my day!” Which, of course, isn’t necessarily true given the history of babywearing—but babywearing may be more readily available to parents and, by extension, grandparents, these days. Babywearing lets your parents enjoy the same close bonding and communication with their grandbabies that you do. Plus, a Solly Wrap is perfect for switching between caregivers of various sizes, thanks to its universal fit. There are no adjustments or sizing constraints for babywearing grandparents to worry about.

Babysitters + Caregivers
If you plan on using a babysitter for an extended period of time, babywearing can help develop a bond between your child and their caregiver. The greater the connection your child forms with your nanny, the more safe and secure they'll feel. As an added bonus, if you have multiple children, babywearing can help your sitter care for your baby hands-free, while still tending to your older kiddos.

Young girl holds baby sibling in a Solly Wrap

Big Sibs
Babywearing is also an effective (and SUPER cute) way to help ease the transition from baby to big sibling for an older child, and to help them feel connected to their new brother or sister. Just make sure to always use a regular wrap (not a Solly Dolly) and maintain close supervision. Our Solly Dolly Wraps are smaller versions of our regular wrap and perfect for toddlers who want to be like the grown-ups while wearing dolls or stuffed animals. 



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