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Valentine's Day with Your Newborn

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The reality is, if you have a newborn, there's a good chance you will be a party of 3 this Valentine's Day. Have no fear! Wrap that little sweetie up and enjoy a night out with our tips. 1: Wrap 'em up! Your Solly Baby is the best way to have them sleep right through the festivities. 2: Go out early! The earlier you go to dinner the less tired your babe will be and if there is any crying, you'll feel less stressed if it's not a full house. 3: Nurse, burp, change the diaper, and put your wrap on before leaving the house for an easy transition and prep for a good, looong nap. 4: Make a flexible plan! We always plan one main activity while we are out and one for at home. Maybe dinner at a restaurant without a server for an easy exit, a walk on the beach or downtown, and then a movie or dessert at home. 5: You know my mantra for the first year: Keep it simple! Try to focus on your partner and the ways you've grown together the last few months. It may not be your most romantic V-Day ever, but it'll definitely be the sweetest! Dotted Line P.S. You can also still order your wrap (in the U.S.) and get it by Valentine's Day! Read more of our tips on our Instagram @sollybabywrap #SBTuesdayTip
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