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How To Get Your Groove Back: A Mama's Guide To Getting Re-Inspired

How To Get Your Groove Back: A Mama's Guide To Getting Re-Inspired

Motherhood is a wild ride. There are definite ebbs and flows, and whether it’s your relationships or your work, it is likely that you need a little ‘oomph’ again in some part of your life.

These steps will help you be like Stella. Follow along:

Take a Break

Sometimes it’s best to just walk away from something. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder. Don’t put pressure on yourself to push through the low points, sometimes a coffee break or even a walk outside is what you need to come back to something with a vengeance.

Try Something Else

If it’s a hobby you are feeling a little down and out about, maybe it’s time to try another interest. The idea of a hobby is for enjoyment. It should be something you love that gives you a break from other stresses. So, if it becomes stressful, it’s time to move on. If it’s for worth, look into other strategies.

Listen to Music

Classical music, folk music, pop, rap. Whatever pumps you up, relaxes you, os is exactly what you might need in this time, listen to it. Relax to it, run to it, sing to it, shower to it. Music is excellent for cleansing your headspace. And if you play an instrument, have at it!

Utilize Pinterest

Create a mood board or inspiration board on Pinterest. It could be related to your work or projects, or it could be for something completely recreational or fun like decorating your guest room or putting together a meal plan for next week. Sometimes just getting your creative juices flowing helps press the reset button.

Read Something Inspiring

Read a book or an article about someone who overcame a hardship or feat. These stories really give perspective and encourage you to put your best foot forward and plow through whatever funk you’re in. It’s usually part of the process anyway and just one chapter in your success story. Hearing of others pushing through is a great source of inspiration.

Talk to Friends

This is another excellent reset that will keep your mind busy on other things, so when it is time to go back to the grind, you feel refreshed and ready to take it all on.

Sleep on It

When in doubt, just hit the hay. A good night’s sleep is often just what the doctor ordered. Our physical health is important for our mental health, after all.

The most important thing to get through it is to trust your mama gut. Nourish your mind and body, and also just listen to that internal voice that will tell you what you need. This often leads you down the right path for getting that groove back and inspired to start up again. These steps will help you along the way!

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