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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024

Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and if you've been too busy taking care of your little one to think about what's on your wishlist this year, we've rounded up some of our favorite Mother's Day gift ideas for you.

P.S. Gifting yourself exactly what you want this year is totally allowed, too. You deserve it, mama. 

Solly Gift Set: robe, Solly Swaddle, bath salts, Solly Wrap

For the Expecting Mom
Spoil the soon-to-be mama with this perfect set of postpartum luxuries and buttery-soft baby essentials. She’ll reach for them again and again. 


Tub of Kiehl's Energizing Mazk

For the New Mom
She’s up at all hours of the night and devoting all of her energy toward keeping a tiny human alive. What she really needs is 24 hours of uninterrupted sleep, but this energizing mask will do in the meantime.


Person holding giant green Baggu tote

For the Mom Chasing Toddlers
She’s always toting around extra stuffies, snacks, and outfit changes. She deserves something cute and appropriately-sized to carry all. the. things.


Recess yellow, geometric patterned pickleball paddle

For the Pickleball-Era Mom
She’s in her pickleball era and we’re all here for it. Level up her game with a paddle she’ll be proud of


Set of 2 Graza olive oil containers on kitchen counter

For the Foodie Mom
She makes the best food and she deserves the best ingredients. This delicious olive oil duo comes with two bottles—one for cooking, one for finishing.


Collapsible gardening stool with gardening tools

For the Mom with A Green Thumb
Elevate her time in the garden with this ingenious stool-and-toolkit combination. The foldable seat includes a storage tote that conveniently clips to it with five garden tools.


Woman wearing grey Vuori jogger sweatpants walking away

For the Homebody Mom
All she wants for Mother’s Day is a day without to-do lists to lounge around the house. Give her that—and a pair of the softest sweats ever to do it in.  

Gold frame, glass paneled keepsake box

For Mom’s Mom
Grandma spends more time than you know scrolling through photos of the grandkids on her phone. Make those moments tangible with a keepsake box filled with printed photos.


Cast iron dish with cinnamon rolls being spread with icing

For Any Mom
A gift that’s equal parts budget-friendly and meaningful for any mom: Breakfast in bed with a thoughtful card. Need recipe ideas? Try these.



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