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Why TENCEL™ Modal is Best for Baby and the Planet

Why TENCEL™ Modal is Best for Baby and the Planet

Here at Solly Baby, we believe in designing products with both people and the planet in mind. It’s why we’ve spent years fine-tuning our supply chain and rigorously testing and refining our products. It’s also why—after trying out many fabrics—we ultimately chose to use TENCEL™ Modal for our Wraps, Sleepers, Crib Sheets, and Swaddles.

Here’s a look at some of the things that make our TENCEL™ Modal special. 

When referring to the production process of TENCEL™ Modal fibers, we often say it goes, “from forest to fabric.” Made from sustainably-sourced Austrian beech wood, TENCEL™ Modal is certified as both biodegradable and compostable. Not only that, but TENCEL™ Modal requires significantly less water and pesticides than many other fabrics, including cotton.

White fluffy fibers of TENCEL Modal

Long-lasting softness
TENCEL™ Modal fibers feel twice as soft as cotton (!), thanks to their sleek cross-section. They’re also incredibly durable, withstanding plenty of wash-and-dry cycles (good news when it comes to inevitable spills, spit ups, and blow outs).

Mother leaning head down to kiss sleeping baby's head while he sleeps in a Mist Solly Wrap

Gentle on skin
There’s nothing more precious than sweet baby skin, and with their natural softness, TENCEL™ fibers ensure the highest level of comfort for your little one. In fact, when compared to other fabrics, TENCEL™ fibers are noticeably softer, resulting in pieces that are ideal for sensitive baby skin.

Baby kicking leg up while lying on back in a Seastone Solly Sleeper

The smooth fibers of TENCEL™ are more breathable and absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton, supporting the body’s natural thermal regulation and keeping skin cool and dry all day and night. 

Certified safe
TENCEL™ Modal fibers have been tested for numerous regulated and non-regulated substances and are OEKO-TEX®-certified, meaning they are safe and toxin-free for baby. 

Baby lying down being wrapped in Basil Solly Swaddle

Best for baby
Baby deserves the best, and so does their planet. If you’re looking for a baby carrier that’s newborn-friendly and earth-friendly, good news, friend: You’ve just found it.


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