Meet Merrilee Liddiard – Solly Baby

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Meet Merrilee Liddiard

Meet Merrilee Liddiard

Our new AW22 collection—"Golden Hour"—was created in collaboration with Merrilee Liddiard of Mer Mag. It's drenched in warmth + nostalgia with a dreamy softness designed to honor and inspire those fleeting newborn days. Here, Merrilee shares more about how the collection came to be, how motherhood has inspired her work, and what she wishes she could go back and tell new-mom self.

Could you kindly start by introducing yourself for anyone not lucky enough to already know you?

Hi! I’m Merrilee Liddiard. I’m an artist and creator and I love to play creatively with my kids and hope to encourage others to do the same. I create crafts, printables and dolls that hopefully help littles and their caregivers slow down a bit and find simple and lovely ways to be creative and playful together. You can find me on IG at @mer_mag and online at

How did you become connected with Solly Baby?

I’m lucky enough to know the lovely Elle of Solly Baby. I still remember the summer she told us the story of being ready to invest in herself and her dream to help other mammas. It’s been beautiful to see it all unfold. And, of course, I’ve used Solly Wraps for my littlest and really love them!

Tell us the inspiration behind the prints you designed for our AW22 collection.

I love nature and finding ways to work the beauty of it into my art. And what is more beautiful than a butterfly? I loved creating each one in the Monarch print and fell in love with each wing pattern. And working on the floral block print, Stem, was a lovely process of pairing down several flower illustrations to just one simple motif that spoke to me.

How would you describe the collection in three words?

Natural. Wonder. Warm.

You hosted our lifestyle shoot in your thoughtfully (and beautifully!) renovated historic house. What do you love about living in an old home?

I will always love how historic homes share their past and their stories. I hope to honor that past in our home while also updating and weaving in the lives of our family—bit by bit adding our own story to its legacy.

Let's talk about the endearing printables on your site. How do you come up with them (and do you have a favorite!)?

I love illustrating and I love crafting and when I realized I can put the two together, my printables were born. I create printable activities based on the interests in my kids' lives and the interests in my community. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite but our DIY castle and castle characters is our best-seller and is definitely a favorite of ours as well.

How does motherhood inspire your creativity?

Motherhood has been a driving influence of my creativity ever since I had my first child—well before even! I started collecting and illustrating children's books before I even had kids...I was looking forward to those years with little ones. And I have no doubt that even as my children grow, it will continue to influence me. My kids interests, needs and personalities have all found their way into my work.

When you reflect back on your early days of motherhood, what do you remember most? Anything you wish you could tell your new-mom self?

It’s cliche but I remember just how fast it goes, and yes, how hard it was. And that’s OK. Even with time being a thief, there are a few precious moments I can still feel and see clearly. Sitting with my baby in a rocker, by a window with sunlight streaming in. That moment is frozen in time. I can almost take myself back there with the warm baby smell and squishy milk fed body and my heart full. And I’d tell this younger self that it’s all going to turn out OK. It will be a crazy, hard ride, with pain and loss, but also full of joy and tender beauty. So, hold on and don’t fear the future. It’s going to be a lovely story.

What's your favorite part of the day?

10 am. Kids are off to school. I’ve had breakfast, exercised, showered, and now it’s calm and quiet. My creativity is ripe and I have an entire day ahead with so many possibilities.

Anything else you’d like to share?

Just how honored I am to have been a part of this collection. It’s been so lovely working on it and seeing it all come together!

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