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Golden Moments Challenge

Golden Moments Challenge


In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary. -Aaron Rose

It doesn’t matter if your little one is due in two weeks or you’re already eight months behind on their baby book (the only one keeping track is you!)—our Golden Moments Challenge starts now.

With presence and intentionality, let’s memorialize the everyday moments that are every bit as momentous as the big milestones. We’re meeting you exactly where you are—today—and inviting you to join us over the next six months in savoring the beauty of these fleeting days.

 What it is

  • A monthly photo + journal challenge that encourages families to document their Golden Moments over the course of six months.

How it works

  • Each month we will send you photo + journal prompts to guide you in reflecting on and embracing these moments with intention.
  • With each prompt we will also share a downloadable template you turn into a keepsake of to remind you of this transformative chapter for years to come. 
  • Every month will also include a (free!) downloadable Lightroom filter for editing your monthly photos. Here's a step-by-step guide for uploading these filters to your Lightroom app. 

How to share

Share your Golden Moments with us, or create a personal keepsake that is for your eyes only—it's up to you! If you do decide to share, we'd love to see! Simply use #findyourgolden to invite our community to follow along.


Ready to find your golden? 

Sentiment :: Where thoughts + emotions intertwine

Photo prompt: Here we are. (Right where we need to be.)

Sprawled on the sofa with a fresh babe on your chest. Donning the only pants that still fit as you snap a bump shot before your 36-week appointment. Nursing your 6-month-old while reading to your 3-year-old with your mom bun that's at least 2 days old. Wherever you are, whatever your days look like, capture them. The season can be messy and hard, but these moments are magical. And a candid photo will allow you to honor it all. 

Journal prompt: Our Daily Rhythm / How we spend our days

Are you waking in the wee hours and snuggling in bed? Are your mornings a flurry of getting everyone ready and out the door until you return in the evenings for a meal together and books before baths? Do you walk past the fire station 100x/day to appease your toddler or hit the bakery daily to satisfy your craving for adult interaction (+ carbs)? Perhaps you check the mail just before lunch? What do you do during naptime? What song do you sing during diaper changes?  Write it all down because one day your memory will grow fuzzy, but the details will take you back.


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