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Happy Sollyween!


Happy Halloween from Solly Baby! For many mamas, holidays and celebrations of all sorts become even more fun after baby arrives, and Halloween is no exception. Plus, we've found that it's easy to come up with creative Halloween costumes while babywearing. What a fun and unique way to celebrate this spooky occasion in a way that incorporates the whole family!

Last year, Frances and I dressed up as Little Bo Peep and her precious little sheep, which was a last-minute costume that I pulled together from random things around my house. But this year, I really wanted to make sure I planned ahead, so I bought this adorable Bambi hoodie from Oeuf so she could keep warm while we celebrated with the older kids yet still dress up in costume.

Trick-or-treating or passing out candy to other kiddos with baby in tow is so much fun, but it's even better when they can continue to wear some components of their costume well after Halloween is over. Wouldn't baby look oh-so-cute in a little apple hat or a hoodie with bunny ears? If you're up for it, we highly recommend dressing up yourself. When mama and baby have complementary costumes, it's always a big hit, and the photos will be ones that you cherish forever.

Check out our favorite Oeuf + Solly Baby Wrap combinations to get inspired. These simple and fun mama and baby costume ideas use items you already know and love and let you stay comfy and close to baby throughout the celebration.


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