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Pregnancy Essentials for Every Trimester

Pregnancy Essentials for Every Trimester

If I could list out my emotions the day I found out I was pregnant, it’d go something like this: shocked, nervous, thrilled, disbelief, thrilled part two, panic (in that order). An hour after taking four pregnancy tests to be sure, I texted one of my best friends the news and immediately pummeled her with a string of questions. How do I do this? What do I need to know? Do I need to start buying stuff? What’s the first thing I need to put on my to-do list? I was overwhelmed at the thought of all I didn’t know. 

As it turned out, at six weeks pregnant, there wasn’t much I needed to do immediately besides pick up some prenatal vitamins and celebrate the new life growing inside of me. After that, I learned what I needed gradually as my body changed week by week. Now, after a full nine months of learning, here’s my personal list of pregnancy favorites, broken down by trimester...


"First Trimester" text with a photo of vitamins, bra, and ginger chews

Prenatal vitamins

Picking out a prenatal vitamin is like trying to figure out what to eat when you’re starving—the options seem endless and everything sounds pretty good. I did a basic search (pregnancy is just a 9-month series of Google searches, am I right?) and found this helpful article. Ultimately, I opted for these because they were affordable, included folic acid, and had no added sugar. 

Tummy drops 

I consider myself one of the lucky ones who felt pretty good throughout most of my pregnancy, but when the nausea (and sickness) did hit during weeks 6-11, I found these ginger drops to be super helpful. 

Non-underwire bras

My body was incredibly sensitive throughout the first trimester, especially my chest. This hardware-free bra is aptly named—so comfy.


"Second Trimester" text with photo of Stanley tumbler, pregnancy pillow, and body oil

Body pillow

I tried to put off getting a pregnancy pillow for as long as I could because I just didn’t want another thing in my bed. But as my belly grew bigger, I needed the extra support. I love that this pillow isn’t as big as others on the market, but still provided the support I needed for my back, hips, and growing belly. 

Lotion / Oil 

I used a combination of this lotion and oil twice a day—morning and night—from my second trimester on. It helped soothe my stretched, itchy skin and I loved knowing baby could feel me rubbing my belly. 

Water Bottle

Hydration is key always, but especially during pregnancy. In my opinion, this water bottle lives up to the hype. I drank three a day and took it with me everywhere. 


"Third Trimester" text with photo of exercise ball, cute PJ set, and raspberry tea

Comfy pj’s 

After waking up one morning in my third trimester with an indent around my waist from too-tight pajama bottoms, I realized it was time to invest in new, comfy options. I got this cozy set and now it’s my go-to gift for all my pregnant friends. 

Birthing ball

I used this as a chair and a tool for stretching every single day at the end of my pregnancy. 

Red raspberry leaf tea

When I asked my midwife about things I could be eating or drinking to support a healthy labor and delivery, she recommended red raspberry leaf tea. I got this brand and drank it daily throughout my last 4 weeks. 


What have been your must-haves throughout pregnancy? Did any of my faves make your list, or did you find a different prenatal vitamin or pregnancy body pillow you love? With every body and every pregnancy being unique, I always love to hear what worked for others—even if it may or may not have been right for me. 

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