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8 Essentials for Baby’s First Summer

8 Essentials for Baby’s First Summer

The fastest way to make sunny days even brighter? Spending them with a precious new baby in tow. As you get ready for a summer full of newborn snuggles, here are a few of our favorite essentials for the season.

Woman wearing sunglasses sits on grass and looks down at baby wrapped in Iced Lavender Solly wrap

Baby Carrier
Babywearing has so many benefits, but when temperatures rise, it can be tempting to opt for the stroller instead. Although summer babywearing is inevitably a warm endeavor, choosing the right carrier can help you reap the benefits of wearing while staying as cool as possible. The Solly Wrap is both lightweight and incredibly breathable, making it the best baby carrier for warm weather. These tips for summer babywearing can help you make the most of the season with your little one, too.

Baby in stroller outdoors with fan aimed towards baby

Portable Fan
Clip it to the stroller to keep baby cool while you go for an afternoon stroll (and maybe an extra to keep you cool as well). Clip it on the carseat when you’re driving. Or keep it handy when you’re breastfeeding on-the-go and need some relief while baby’s sticky body is pressed up against you.

White wide brimmed sun hat with chin ties for baby

Sun Hat
The Food and Drug Administration recommends not putting sunscreen on babies under six months old and instead using physical barriers for sun protection. A large hat that protects baby’s face, ears, and neck from the sun is a great option to protect their delicate skin. Plus, there’s nothing cuter than a baby wearing a big floppy hat. This one is affordable, adjustable, and offers UPF50+ protection.

Girl runs out of striped sun tent outdoors on grass

Sun Tent
When you’re heading to the beach or park and need an option that keeps baby out of the sun for an extended period of time, a shaded tent with good ventilation is key. This one is enclosed on three sides, has an anti-UV rating of 50+, and is easy to pop up or take down wherever you are.

Inside car window with black sun screen pulled down to block sun

Car Shades
Headed out on a road trip? If you’re planning to be in the car for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to protect baby’s delicate skin from harmful sun rays that can penetrate the windows. There are plenty of options out there, but this retractable 2-pack does the trick. 

Mom applying sunscreen to 2 small children on beach

If baby is six months or older and you’re planning to be in direct sunlight, using sunscreen might be your best option. We’re big fans of our friend Karrie Locher here at Solly Baby, and she has a great post that rounds up her favorite baby-safe sunscreens. Remember, broad spectrum and mineral-based is key.

Woman in kitchen filling insulated bottle

Breast Milk Chiller
If you’re planning to feed or pump on the go, this breast milk chiller is a must. You can pump directly into it and it will keep up to 24 ounces of milk chilled for 20 hours.

Toddler sits wearing orange sun hat, pink rash guard, and red swim diaper
Rash Guard + Swim Diaper
If the beach or splash pad are on the agenda, you’ll want a good-coverage rash guard and swim diapers for baby to wear. These ones from Primary come in fun, bright colors and offer UPF 50+ protection. Mix and match with their highly-reviewed swim diapers.

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