Meet Our Newest Collaborator: Karrie Locher – Solly Baby

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Meet Our Newest Collaborator: Karrie Locher

Meet Our Newest Collaborator: Karrie Locher

Chances are, if you are a mom on Instagram, you’re one of the over 700k people who already know who Karrie Locher is. If not, you’re in for a real treat. Down to earth, fun, and incredibly knowledgeable about all things babies, she’s just the kind of mom friend we all want in our back pocket. To celebrate the launch of our new collaboration with Karrie, we sat down to get to know her a little better.

Could you kindly introduce yourself for anyone not yet lucky enough to know you? 

Karrie Locher with 5 children on doorstop smiling    Woman with light skin tone in pink nurse scrubs, holding baby in gray sleeper

Hi! I’m Karrie—a mom of five, mom/baby nurse, certified lactation counselor, and new #momfriend! I love Dr Pepper, running around with my babies, late-night nursing sesh online shopping, being nap-trapped, and educating new parents on all things baby/feeding/postpartum! 

Tell us your Solly story. 
I started using my Solly Wrap with my first baby 7 years ago! However, I truly found the beauty in using it often when I had my second child and had to be hands free for my toddler (#2under2). Wearing my babies is one of my absolute favorite things! 

What was the inspiration behind your two prints: Happy Days and Good Vibes? 

 Cream fabric with smiley faces    Checker fabric with neutral tones and smiley faces and flowers

The inspiration was how I feel most confident in motherhood: Calm, cool, laid back—the perfect recipe for
Happy Days and Good Vibes. When I go into my days with a calm and chill attitude, it rubs off on my kids and babies, which makes everyone happier! 

These prints are a good reminder that you get out what you put in: give off good vibes and you’ll get them right back! They also remind us that there is so much good in motherhood. There’s always a reason to smile, even when it’s not obvious. Look for those little moments! 

I also wanted a more neutral palette to go with casual and dressier outfits—because moms deserve things that serve them in multiple facets of their life. 

 Woman with light skin town and long brown hair smiles while holding baby in Good Vibes Solly wrap at a park    Woman with light skin tone and long brown hair smiles while folding laundry, wearing her baby in the Happy Days Solly Wrap

When do you feel like you’re at your best as a mom?
When I have my Dr Pepper…no, kidding! When I let go of pressure (I usually put on myself) and just roll with the chaos. I feel accomplished and feel good just letting my kids be kids! 

 Baby with light skin tone lying on back with arms raised in Happy Days Solly Sleeper and knotted hat    Baby in Good Vibes Solly Sleeper and big hair bow held by mom

What’s something you hope you remember about these days with little ones?

How beautifully chaotic it is. We are all learning as we go and I think that makes us truly so adaptable! Kids are so resilient and so forgiving—if we make a mistake, they’re so quick to understand and forgive. I think they teach us SO much more than we realize! 


Any words of wisdom for our expecting and new-mama community?
Parenting is trial and error. It’s okay not to always know “the answer” (sometimes there isn’t one!). Try different methods, products, play and find what works for YOUR family! You are the best parent for your baby/child. Remember that and repeat it to yourself! 


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