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7 Types of People Every Mom Needs In Her Corner

7 Types of People Every Mom Needs In Her Corner

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The benefits of having a strong support system as you journey through motherhood can’t be overstated. Parenting is incredible and it can be really hard and isolating. Having BFFs who ask good questions, send memes during 2 am feedings, and have all the best recs (for everything) makes it less lonely.

Part of what makes a support system strong is a rich, diverse set of relationships. As a mom, you need the friend that’s navigating the same phase as you just as much as you need the friend who can share from experience that it won’t last forever. As you build your support crew, here are seven types of people to keep an eye out for.

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The Cheerleader

This person is your biggest fan. No matter the situation, she’s there to cheer you on with an extra dose of encouragement (and maybe some confetti, too). She believes in you, empowers you, and dreams alongside you. On the days when you’re feeling inadequate or overwhelmed, she’s just the person to deliver a perfect pep talk.

The Confidant

Have something you need to share without any fear of judgment? This is your gal. She’s trustworthy and safe. She doesn’t care if you breastfeed or bottle-feed, sleep train or co-sleep. Through the good, bad, and the ugly, she’s there to listen and love well.

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The Mentor

When you feel like you’re drowning (or maybe just really tired of dog-paddling) in your current stage of motherhood, this friend who can offer encouragement and advice. She’s been mothering longer than you and has the insight (and stories) to show for it.

The Up-For-Anything One

Sometimes all it takes to kick a case of nerves is a buddy. This friend is your certified sidekick for anything and everything. Want to try a new mom group but don’t want to go solo? Thinking of a trip to Target to pass the forever-long window between afternoon nap and dinner? She’s happy to join for whatever’s on the agenda—and likely has a few ideas of her own to add, too.

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The Comedian

Because when you’ve dealt with a blowout and spilled coffee and a baby who doesn’t want to nap (all before 9am), you need some comedic relief. This friend is the belly-laugh-bringer. She’s tender and fun and brings an element of lighthearted joy to any situation. When you’re feeling down and need a pick-me-up, she’s got a whole slew of TikToks to brighten your day.

The Challenger

We all need a little push to step outside of our comfort zone every once in a while. This friend shows up with hard questions and a desire to see you be truly happy. She knows you can take on a challenge and helps you be the best you can be in your motherhood, relationships, and career.

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The Comfortable One

Dirty house? Too tired to do anything but watch reruns of your favorite show? This friend is one you never feel the need to be “on” around. She’s always up for a couch hang and couldn’t care less if one side of it is piled with laundry that needs to be folded. Time together always feels easy.

How to Find Your Motherhood Support System

Building your support system doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time! Relationships evolve and change like the seasons. Often, during big transitions, we find that we can more clearly identify what’s lacking in our support system. If you’re looking for new people to add to your crew, here are some of our favorite ways to meet friends.

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