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How to Meet New Mom Friends

How to Meet New Mom Friends

From the moment those two pink lines show up to those first postpartum weeks of hazy wonder, navigating toddlerhood, and beyond—motherhood is a beautiful, hard, exhausting journey. And it’s one that can’t be navigated alone. Having a solid support system is a must, and there’s no better support system than a group of other moms.

You know the kinds of friends we’re talking about: the ones who are in the trenches with you. Who answer your 2 am texts because they’re up feeding again, too. Who happily share their product recommendations and are always there to laugh, cry, or lend an ear. The value of having mom friends who just get it can’t be overstated.

But finding those friends? It can be tough. So we asked some of the moms on our team to share ways they’ve made new mom friends. Here’s what they said...

How To Meet Mom Friends

Say Yes

If you’re an introvert, making the first move might be scary. Instead, consider saying yes to the invitations of others who put themselves out there. Care to join me and some other gals for happy hour on Friday? Yes. Want to try this monthly dinner club with me? Sure! The more you say yes, the more opportunities you’ll have for meeting new moms. 

Be Bold
Unabashedly ask for another mom’s phone number wherever you see one who you might want to be friends with. The produce aisle at the grocery store. On a walk around the neighborhood. At pilates or the park. Don’t leave it to fate—go for it!

Ask for
Friends of Friends
Your friends have pretty good taste in people. (Come on, they chose to be friends with you, didn’t they?) Ask them if they have any friends with kids around the same age as yours, and set up a mom date for all of you to hang and get to know each other!

Go to Story Time at the Library
A super non-daunting way to meet other moms? Story time! Most public libraries or bookshops have a free weekly reading time. Make it a regular outing and resolve to say hi to one other parent while you’re there.

Visit the Park

The best way to find mom friends is to go where the moms are. When the weather is nice, you can be sure to find plenty of moms at your local park. (If the weather is bad, maybe try Target, lol.) The more popular the park, the more opportunities you’ll have to find someone with kids your age. It can also be helpful to go to the same park at the same time each day, so you’re more likely to run into the same people for a chance to slowly build those relationships.

Try an Exercise Class
A local Google search may help you find fitness classes or groups designed specifically for moms such as stroller walks, prenatal yoga, babywearing barre, and more. Or leave baby with your partner and visit a local all-women's gym. Moms are always on the move, so you’re bound to find them wherever you choose to work out. 

Join Local Facebook Groups
There are Facebook Groups for just about everything, mom friends included. Try searching for “mom groups + your location” to find groups near you. The best part about joining one? You can be sure that everyone who’s part of it is looking for community, too. 

Experienced mamas, we’re tapping you in! What are some other places or ways that you’ve met new friends? And if you’re a mom with friends who aren’t in the same season of life as you right now, let’s be clear: those friendships are absolutely valuable as well. Take a look at these tips for nourishing relationships with kid-free friends.

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