Which SS22 Color Is Meant For You Based on Your Enneagram

Which SS22 Color Is Meant For You Based on Your Enneagram

If you’re into personality tests, the Enneagram can teach you about yourself, your behavior patterns, and how you interact with others. Knowing your Enneagram type can help you develop better morning routines, improve self-care habits, and, yes, even find the perfect colorway from our SS22 Collection. Because it’s near-impossible to choose a favorite (it’s like choosing a favorite child—you just can’t do it!), we let the Enneagram be our guide on this one. 


Ones often thrive on goal-setting and a sense of orderliness, which means keeping a minimalistic vibe. The Reformer is well-organized and is always striving to improve. That’s why we love the clean, natural aesthetic of Flax or Driftwood Stripe for our No. 1’s. 

Your wrap: Flax or Driftwood Stripe

Type 2 –– THE HELPER

For warm-hearted Helper types, Oyster Pink is the perfect pairing. Twos are at their best in the company of others but can feel stressed when their empathetic nature goes unnoticed. A muted pink with earthy undertones, Oyster Pink can remind them of their gentile nature and sincere heart.

Your wrap: Oyster Pink



Highly ambitious and energetic, Type Threes often crave a boost that matches their joie de vivre personality. The Achiever is driven, success-oriented, and charming—and Sunset Mauve, a muted violet with notes of grey, is just the dash of vibrancy they need.  

Your wrap: Sunset Mauve



As “the romantics” of the Enneagram, fours tend to want to see the world through rose-colored glasses. A soothing blue serves as a daily reminder of their worth and creativity—from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed. Coastal, a sun-bleached blue with notes of aquamarine and gray, and In The Clouds, a whimsical hand-painted watercolor on a creamy base, are perfect for this originality-seeker. 

Your wrap: Coastal



Driven by their insatiable curiosity, type fives have the ability to see the world in new ways. And green, a color of growth and renewal, has the potential to feed that passion. Sea Salt, a heathered muted green with subtle grey undertones will create a peaceful environment for active minds to flourish.

Your wrap: Sea Salt



As you’d expect, loyalists are defined by a fierce dedication to their friends and beliefs. But beyond that, sixes are a group that values strength and security—and they’ll work tirelessly to achieve it. Rising Sun is the perfect choice for loyal sixes, from the creamy sun design to the warm golden base.

Your wrap: Rising Sun



Extroverted sevens enjoy a life that’s jam-packed with stimulation in both their professional and personal lives. Often the entertainer, the enthusiast’s sense of optimism and spontaneity can be matched by a fun, eye-catching pattern—looking at you, Sea Glass—that’s as fun and delightful as they are. 

Your wrap: Sea Glass



Confident, strong, and decisive, eights are born leaders who enjoy taking on new challenges. Ride wave after wave of courage and conquest in our new Wave print, a deep grey-blue scallop design on a muted grey-blue base.

Your wrap: Wave



Always the optimists, peacemakers tend to be creative, trusting, and grounded individuals. Tidal, a mineral grey tie-dye with cool blue undertones, is the ideal shade for the peacemaker to create harmony in their day-to-day environment.

Your wrap: Tidal


Shop the SS22 collection here. 

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  • Excellent piece!
    I’m a lover of the Enneagram (type 2w3 btw) and it looks like it’s oyster pink for me then! I see you link to the Truity test, but have you tried the one at PersonalityData? Free and super accurate. If anyone wants to try it:

    Btw, I really liked your addition of the photos. I think it showed the differences quite well.

    Chloe on

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