Meet the mama behind our newest collaboration – Solly Baby

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Meet the mama behind our newest collaboration

Meet the mama behind our newest collaboration

Shan Tripp knows a thing or two about taking care of kiddos. And she graciously + generously shares her medical knowledge and intuitive wisdom with hundreds of thousands of mamas on Instagram and through her online course Mastering Medical Emergencies for Moms

But even if you come to Shan for her spot-on health + safety instruction, you’ll stay for her warm and genuine heart, her inspired outlook on motherhood, and her confidence-boosting encouragement as she assures you that you’ve totally got this whole mama thing. (Because you do.)

If this is your first time meeting Shan, it’s our absolute pleasure to introduce you. (And, as you might guess, our great honor to be collaborating with her. Some serious fangirling happening at the Solly offices right now.) Here are just a few of the many things we love about her.

  1. She’s got the cutest crew in all the land (with the exception of yours, of course!)
  2. She moved from Utah to Hawaii to Puerto Rico and is always up for a new adventure.
  3. She trusts a mama’s intuition—hers and yours included. Even as a medical professional who worked in the ER, she knows mama is the expert when it comes to knowing her baby best.
  4. She created an online course so mamas could learn to confidently care for their babies at home.
  5. She marries western medicine with more natural approaches to create a healthy balance of care.
  6. She has a quick-reference CPR reel that has already saved lives.
  7. She’s got one for choking, too. Watch them both!
  8. She puts together the best easy-access guides, like when to take your child to the ER, ways to help an earache, and when to worry about a rash.
  9. She had the most beautiful homebirth (her first!) with her fifth baby Bo. (If you’re into birth stories, hear all about it.)
  10. She's very good at telling the truth.
  11. She empowers her community with information in the most friendly way. She’s like a best friend who has all the answers (in a way that’s somehow not at all annoying).

    If you love Shan as much as we do and are itching to be the first to shop our collab with her, subscribe to textsso you get notified when the collection drops! 

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