Solly Baby's 2022 Gift Guide for Big Sibs

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Once your baby has outgrown their wrap and transformed into a chubby-cheeked toddler, you enter a new magical phase. And when that chubby-cheeked toddler becomes a big sibling, the magic gets taken to the next level. As you watch the budding relationship unfold—and try to keep your eldest entertained while you feed/diaper/nap your new addition—consider treating your first baby to a gift that's (almost!) as cool as they are.

  1. The Play Kit: Perfect for a burgeoning artist—or just an independent eater. 
  2. Personalized Name Mat: Infuse education with fine motor skills in this adorable reusable mat. 
  3. Happy Folk Hotel: Do you have a kid who likes taking stuff out of one thing and putting it back in? This cute wooden toy will keep your big kid entertained and engaged. 
  4. More Than a Little: Featuring a whimsical cast of adorable animals and playful, endearing rhymes, this friendship book is a charming way to shine a light on someone who makes life brighter.
  5. Model C Digital Camera: Your hopeful photographer will love snapping away on this kid-friendly camera. 
  6. Folding Scooter: Perfect for your daily wrap 'n' walks through the neighborhood with your crew. 
  7. Kukkia Gatcha Gatcha Wooden Bead Set: Your big kids will love this gumball inspired set that's great for counting, sorting and color learning. 
  8. Personalized Backpack: This colorblock backpack is so cute for school-aged kids! We love the matching water bottle as well. 
  9. Wooden Chess and Checkers Set: Once your kiddos get a little bigger you'll love playing one-on-one games with this colorful set. 
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