Small Talk with Great Love | Episode 001 | Pregnancy + Postpartum Pelvic Health w/ Dr. Marysa Warnhoff

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Question No. 1 –– What all does pelvic floor health entail?

  • Bowel function
  • Bladder function
  • Sexual function

Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it has to be normal.

Question No. 2 –– Our community includes a lot of expecting and new moms. What can they be doing proactively to promote pelvic floor health?

  • Learn about common signs and symptoms and the overall pelvic function.
  • Talk to your provider to make sure you get an appropriate referral for physical therapy.
  • Be intentional with your breathing patterns when pregnant and postpartum because they help protect your pelvic floor.
  • Watch your posture.

Question No. 3 –– What signs or symptoms, especially postpartum, might suggest a need for pelvic floor therapy?

  • Rest the first few weeks but if any symptoms last longer than six weeks contact your doctor.
  • A bulge you can feel or see in the vaginal area may be a sign of prolapse.
  • Feeling wobbly or “off” balance.
  • If you’re hoping to get back into high intensity workouts or activities.

Question No. 4 –– What would you tell new moms who aren't sure where to start when it comes to pelvic health?

  • Bring up your concerns to your provider.
  • Expectful app offers resources for group Q+A and 1:1 sessions.