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Our Top 5 Autumn Baby Essentials

Our Top 5 Autumn Baby Essentials

Expecting a new addition this fall? After spending the last part of pregnancy in the sweltering days of summer, there’s nothing better than the anticipation of cooler days cuddled up with a sweet, snuggly babe. Here are a few of our favorite baby essentials for when the leaves start to change (and life, too!).

Baby Carrier

Cooler months = perfect for babywearing. The Solly Wrap is ideal for hands-free snuggles while you whip up a batch of pumpkin muffins or throw in *another* load of laundry.

P.S. Depending on where you’re located, fall could still mean soaring temperatures. Good news, our wrap is equal parts breathable and cozy so that it works in every season. Here are some tips for babywearing in warm weather. 
Mother kissing baby in Cottage Rose Solly Wrap


Cool mornings that give way to warm afternoons and forecasts that run the gamut from wind to rain and sunshine, too. Fall weather fluctuates about as much as your postpartum hormones, so having a variety of blankets is helpful. Our versatile Solly Swaddles are soft and breathable for warmer days, and we love the cozy warmth this blanket provides when the temperatures drop.Smiling baby wrapped in a Camel Swaddle, wearing a pink bow

Sick Day Essentials

It’s no fun to think about your little one not feeling well, but baby’s first sick day will happen at some point. The good news? You can be prepared with everything you need—from a snotsucker to suck out stubborn boogers to a baby-friendly medicine dispenser—thanks to this convenient kit. This touchless digital thermometer is great to have, too.
Fridababy touchless thermometer


Lower temperatures often mean drier skin and increased congestion. A good humidifier keeps the air moist to prevent mucus build-up and soothe dry, itchy skin.
Fridababy humidifier on dresser

Baby Lotion

There’s nothing better than sweet, soft baby skin—but that precious skin is delicate. This multipurpose ointment is a one-balm wonder for soothing diaper rash, chapped skin, and dry patches.
Tub of Tubby Todd baby ointment

 When does cooler weather come to your neck of the woods? And what's on your fall essentials list? We're taking notes!

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