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9 Ways to Support New Parents

9 Ways to Support New Parents

9 ways to support new parents
So your best friend, sister-in-law, co-worker, fill-in-the-blank just welcomed home a new baby—oh, joy! When you get done oohing and aahing over sweet newborn photos, you might start to wonder what you can do to support the heroic people who brought this little one into the world. After all, they say it takes a village—right? 

No matter how you’re connected to the new parents or how far away you are, there are plenty of ways you can help as they adjust to life with their new addition. Here are nine of our favorite ways to support new parents...

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01. Bring food. 
New parents have a lot on their minds—meal planning isn’t one of them. As they navigate constant changing, feeding, and sleep deprivation, one of the best things you can offer is a meal. If you enjoy cooking, consider dropping off a heat-and-eat dinner. Opt for disposable containers or vessels you don’t care about getting back. With mom and dad in the throes of infant care, they don’t need added pressure to wash and return servingware.

Short on time or sending support from afar? Food delivery gift cards (think Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.) are a great option, too! That way, mom and dad can order whatever they’re in the mood for. 

02. Hire a cleaning crew. 
Labor is a beautiful, albeit unpredictable, thing. When it happens, the house might not be in pristine condition. Consider offering to pay for a cleaning crew to work their magic before parents get home with the new baby. Offering to have them come in the weeks leading up to the baby arriving is great, too! Having a freshly-cleaned space to come back to will allow them to focus on what matters most: that precious new babe. 

P.S. This makes a great group gift!

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03. Deliver coffee. 
Chances are, those new parents are running on adrenaline and love…but not a whole lot of sleep. Dropping off a favorite coffee order is a small gesture that goes a long way. And if you ask mama, she’ll tell you that double shot is just what the doctor ordered.

04. Run errands. 
During those first few weeks (especially with baby No. 1), leaving the house can feel daunting. Offer to run an errand or two—pick up groceries, restock diapers and wipes, or grab postpartum essentials for mom. 

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05. Lend a hand.
Little tasks can feel mountainous when you’re taking care of an infant. Consider dropping by (but ask first!) to do a load of laundry, vacuum, empty the diaper pail, load the dishwasher, or hold the baby while mom and dad shower or take a nap. (Just don’t offer to hold the baby so they can do chores—that’s not what any new parent wants!)

06. Help with pets.
With so much attention being dedicated to the new baby, fur babies might not be at the top of the priority list. Help out by taking the dog for a walk or emptying the cat's litter box. 

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07. Take the older siblings.
Welcoming a new baby is a big change for everyone, older siblings included. Spending dedicated time with big sisters or brothers can help them adjust to the new addition to their life (who they might be jealous of) and relieves tired parents who are trying to split their attention between multiple kids. Consider taking the big kids for ice cream, to a nearby playground—even to your house! It doesn’t have to be over-the-top to feel special.

08. Bring a care package. 
When everything in their world seems to revolve around the new baby, a thoughtful gift is a special way to make new parents feel seen and loved. Consider dropping off a few local treats, a gift card to their favorite drive-thru, or a calm-inducing candle. We love this beautiful bundle for a new mom. 

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09. Check in. 
Those first weeks and months with a baby are exhausting and, oftentimes, emotional. Something as simple as a “How are you doing?” text to new parents can go a long way to remind them they’re not alone. Technology makes it easier than ever to offer a quick dose of encouragement and support—you might even send a voice memo or a video to let mom or dad know they’re doing a great job. 

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