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How babywearing keeps me close to my ancestors with Olivia

babywearing history Mother and writer Olivia is the first mama in a new series on the Solly Blog featuring stories of mothers wearing their babies throughout history. Olivia shares with us her own journey wearing her son, and how her choice to baby wear fits into a larger story of her maternal ancestors wearing their babies. Olivia was previously featured in our Solly Silver Linings series in 2020, sharing about her experience having a baby during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tell us about your baby wearing journey with your little ones.
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I wanted to be connected to those mothers on my journey to becoming one myself. My baby wearing journey began before my little one ever became a part of our plan. Then, in my second trimester, I sought out a way to continue the tradition without the wisdom and hands to help me here in America.

When I found Solly Baby, the style, usefulness, and connectedness I felt through the online community led me to purchasing my first wrap. The first time I put my tiny baby in our wrap, I walked around our apartment in pure elation. I had my hands back, but was able to still feel that closeness we both needed to feel comfortable in our early weeks apart. He fell asleep with a literal smile on his face within minutes of me swaying him back and forth.

We have discovered many wonderful things together while he’s been wrapped to my chest— our first ocean walk, our first cliff hike, our first trip to the zoo, and our first airport experience have all been in the snuggly, safe, embrace of a wrap, close to Mama but able to see out and explore, too.

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Did wearing your baby feel like a necessity or a choice? How so?

It was and is a choice for me, and I’m grateful for that privilege. For so many around the world, it is crucial to baby wear to make a living and provide for their families. For me it’s a matter of convenience and comfort. It’s nice being able to cruise the grocery store with my little in our wrap, so that I don’t have to push a cart and a stroller while I gather things to walk back to the car.

babywearing history olivia

Did anyone in your family, or familys history wear their babies that you know of?
If there is a baby wearing tradition in your familys history, what can you share with us about it?

My aunt Funmilayo has three children and she wore them all. My late grandmother also wore her babies, my father included. They live(d) in Lagos, Nigeria. My father tells me funny stories about the differences in American and Nigerian culture all the time. When he saw my son wrapped up in our Solly for the first time, he found it so funny because he had never seen babies wrapped on the front before. He says the babies are worn on the back for convenience, ease of mobility, and ability, but he can understand the benefits of wearing on the front so you can see (and kiss) your little one.

  Do you have babywearing in your family history? Do you babywear? Would you be interested in sharing that story with Solly Baby? Send a message to for more information!

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