10 Questions to Answer as You Prepare for Motherhood

10 Questions to Answer as You Prepare for Motherhood

Remember all those times you observed someone’s child doing X, Y + Z and you thought to yourself, “When I have a kid they’ll never do that”? Hindsight is such a funny thing, isn’t it? And now, as that time is finally here, so many questions may be looming as you enter into the world of parenthood.

There’s no perfect formula to raising a child. No one has all the right answers. The important thing is to know what is your ideal roadmap in this new stage of life.

Setting aside some time before your baby arrives to intentionally and thoughtfully check in with yourself will be so incredibly valuable once your little bundle of joy is in your arms. A lot of parents may think, “We will figure it out as we go!” or “I’ve done this before so we know what to do!” But more often than not, they find themselves in a whirlwind of sleep deprivation, sore nipples, and dirty diapers—feeling so lost amidst the myriad advice and commentary circling around them.

Before baby brain set's in, here's a handy printable for you to print, reflect on, fill out and refer back to.

  1. What are my expectations about dividing work around the house and caring for the baby?
  2. Who can I turn to when I need support or a break?
  3. What people do I want to play a part in our child’s life other than us?
  4. What were the good things about my childhood and what I want to replicate?
  5. What are some areas from my childhood that I want to improve upon for my children?
  6. What are the values we want to live by as parents?
  7. How can we energize ourselves when we are feeling drained?
  8. Is there a certain type of parenting style I’m drawn to? Is my partner on the same page?
  9. What are my biggest concerns about the baby phase?
  10. How will I know I’m doing a good job as a parent when I’m feeling overwhelmed?
Your answers won’t be set in stone—they should be ongoing conversations with yourself and your partner. Life changes after you’re handed a squishy, swaddled newborn and the way you answer some of these questions will probably change, too. They may change even more as your kids grow up, or as your circumstances, views, beliefs, and knowledge shift. These certainly aren't the only questions folks can or should ask themselves, but hopefully they can be a worthwile place to start.

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