Full Heart with Saegan Moran

Full Heart with Saegan Moran

Our favorite thing about Solly Baby is you—the community of moms and dads doing the beautiful, messy, important work of raising little ones. In our weekly Full Heart Series, we're sharing stories from our Solly Community that resonate, inspire, and remind us we're never alone. Join us as we savor these everyday moments that leave our hearts full.

Woman with long brown hair smiles while holding baby and her young daughter hugging her legs

Let's start with a quick introduction. Tell us the facts.
Name: Saegan Moran
Children: Finley (6 years-old) and Rowen (9 months)
Location: Visalia, CA
Occupation: Artist / Entrepreneur

Woman stands in living room while holding baby in Flax Solly Wrap

How did you get connected with Solly?
I was so intimidated by the Solly Wrap with my first daughter, so I completely missed out. I finally tried a friend’s wrap and was determined to not miss out the next time. Now, my youngest daughter gets placed in the Solly when we need some serious cuddles! We love it so much. 

Young girl laughs with head thrown back as she sits on a couch with her baby sister in her lap

What’s a time in the last week when your heart has felt full?
As I heard the giggles of my youngest filling the room when her sister walked in, I melted. The last few years have been full of ups and downs. Over the last few years we have faced the heart-wrenching loss of our son in 2021, followed by a painful miscarriage. The weight of this was especially burdensome for our daughter to bear. The joy that our youngest has brought all of us has been long waited for.

Building an authentic community where our members can feel seen and less alone is so important to us. If you’re up for it, would you be willing to share more about the loss of your son?
Our beloved son, Lennon, came into the world on July 16th, 2021. Sadly, he was diagnosed with an exceptionally rare condition known as Campomelic Dysplasia. The journey began at 21 weeks of pregnancy when concerns arose. Following a grueling 10 weeks of intensive testing and medical appointments, we made the heart-wrenching decision to induce labor at 31 weeks. Lennon was born peacefully, yet still. I wouldn't have navigated this phase of life without the invaluable support of friends who've walked this path before me. With them, I could pose tough questions, shed tears, express anger, and brace myself for what lay ahead, knowing they understood my journey. Their presence formed the backbone of my support system. It's a significant reason why I openly discuss Lennon with anyone who inquires.

Sharing my story on Instagram has connected me with numerous mothers who've either been through similar experiences or are currently navigating them. It's a club nobody wishes to join, yet one we all appreciate for the understanding it provides. I've come to realize that Lennon came into our lives for several reasons. Though living without him is a constant ache, his presence paved the way for our cherished daughter, Rowen, and propelled me to pursue my entrepreneurial dreams. As a family, we talk about him daily, imagining the sweet little boy he would have been. Despite the void his absence leaves, we're profoundly thankful for the life we've built in his honor.

Everyone experiences grief uniquely. I am extremely proud of how I've navigated my own journey of grief. Through extensive therapy and a strong support network, I've found my way forward. My advice to others is to avoid comparing your grief to anyone else's. Instead, seek out what brings you solace and healing. While grief may not diminish, the world around it expands, offering new perspectives and opportunities for growth.

Walk us through a typical day in your life.
Big sister goes to school and then we get in our morning cuddles and then a morning nap. After that, it’s a go-with-the-flow kind of day. I am in the middle of building a new business, so I have the best sidekick during all of our daily meetings. Then it is back to get big sister from school, followed by a pit stop at Yaya's and Papa's.

What would you do with an extra hour in the day (other than sleep)?
If I could have an extra hour a day, I would spend it making something with my hands. My husband and I are artists. We met in graduate school then came back to my hometown to teach at our local community college. Since having children, my art practice has changed completely, and lately has been put on the back burner while I take on this new business endeavor.

How has motherhood impacted your art?
My husband, Patrick, and I first crossed paths while pursuing our graduate degrees in art. After relocating to California, we swiftly established our respective studios within our home. Patrick, a talented painter, fills his canvases with vibrant colors and dynamic energy, transforming our garage into his artistic haven.

As for myself, I initially focused on printmaking, particularly drawn to lithography. However, with pregnancy, my artistic process evolved in tandem with motherhood's demands. Each season brought forth new mediums that allowed me to create without the immediate need for cleanup, accommodating the interruptions of caring for a newborn. I discovered the art of quilting, which led me to explore natural fabric dyeing—an activity I joyfully shared with my growing daughter.

Yet, as I find myself in the current chapter of life, my artistic output has lessened. Instead, I've embarked on a new endeavor; constructing a coworking space in our community. Recognizing the shared yearning for creative camaraderie beyond the confines of academia, I've dedicated my days to establishing a place where others can gather and innovate. While I anticipate returning to my own studio practice in due time, for now, the prospect of nurturing this communal space fills me with boundless excitement.

Woman stands holding and looking at baby while another child hugs her legs below

Words of wisdom would you share with other moms?
Trust your intuition, listen to your body, and tune in to YOUR baby. I spent so much time with my first daughter, worrying about a sleep schedule, nursing every so many hours, not rocking or nursing her to sleep so she wouldn't be "clingy." I'm sure my postpartum depression played a huge role in all of the stress and when I finally got that under control, I was able to pay attention to my intuition and trust it. My second time around has been such a healing experience, from our home birth to our go-with-the-flow days. It has been everything I needed. 

What Solly pieces(s) do you have? What's on your wishlist?
We have a Solly Wrap and loved our sleeper sets. As my daughter grows quickly, I would love to add more sleepers and swaddles to our collection. The softness is the best! 

How about a round of rapid-fire favorites…

Indulgence: Late night ice cream
Podcast: After Bedtime with Big Little Feelings
Children's Book: We're All Works of Art
Mama-time activity: Dinner out
Person to follow on social: @stylefitfatty
After bedtime snack: Ice cream

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