Blueberry cake and the perfect summer day with @OldJoy

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An ideal summer day for my little family begins by waking up with the sun to head out for an adventure. Now that I am eight months pregnant with our third babe, I plan to soak up as much activity as possible before our days are spent nestled in at home. So, on a typical day, with sun hats and baskets in tow, we find a new place to explore - like a local fruit farm. I stand with my hand on my belly, watching my sweet girl run from berry bush to cherry tree filling her basket with as many goodies as possible. Looking over at my darling boy, who is wrapped up tightly against my husband and feeding him sweet fruit, is guaranteed to put a smile on my face. Once we are home, I grab my recipe book and bake a cake using our fresh, fruity harvest. Nothing ends a summer day more perfectly than gathering around our table for some after supper blueberry cake … reflecting on the day, feeling thankful, and giggling our way to bedtime.
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