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Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Every Mom in Your Life

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Every Mom in Your Life

Beige background with various baby shower gift ideas including a diaper bag, baby pajamas, creams, books, etc.

We’ve got two favorite showers around here: No 1. The long kind that don’t involve any phantom cries and No. 2 The kind that involve celebrating a baby on the way!

If you’ve got an invitation to the latter and are looking for the perfect gift to bring, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re shopping for a bestie, coworker, or cousin, here's a round up of our favorite baby shower gifts to give.

First things first, a DTR
Before starting to shop for a baby shower gift, there are two things you’ll want to consider. First, determine your relationship with the mom-to-be and whether this is her first baby or not. You might splurge for a big-ticket item for your bestie, whereas something smaller might be appropriate for a neighbor you don't see as often. If this isn’t her first baby, there's probably more wiggle room to give her something more "for fun" since she's likely got the essentials covered. Second, check if she has a registry. Tip: If she’s got a registry, it’s probably filled with things she truly wants and needs, so starting there is always a safe bet. 

Perhaps she didn’t create a registry, though. Or maybe she has one, but most things have already been purchased. Or you want to get her something from her registry and a little something extra. If you’re looking for a gift that’s both practical and thoughtful, the following never disappoint.

Olive green diaper bag, lip mask, and under-eye cream

For your Sister
Give sis the gift of form and function. A high-quality diaper bag is a parenting-must, and this one from Dagne Dover is sure to last her for years. It comes with all sorts of essentials for new parents on-the-go including a washable zipper bag (for keeping dirty diapers stashed until you get to a garbage), a changing mat, an insulated bottle holder, and stroller attachment clips. Stash this lip sleeping mask and energizing eye balm inside as an extra little treat for mama.

Solly mama gift set with a Flax bath robe, bath salts, Solly Swaddle, and Solly Wrap

For your BFF

Because your best deserves the best—our Mama + Baby Gift Set is the perfect combination of practical postpartum luxuries for mama and buttery-soft newborn essentials. Each set comes in a beautiful gift box and includes a soft, lightweight robe (perfect for postpartum), Solly Baby Wrap to ease baby’s transition, swaddle (doubles as a blanket!), a bath soak (for postpartum recovery), and an encouraging printed poem (cue the tears).

3 tier cake made of diapers, tied with colorful ribbon

For your Coworker
A baby shower gift you can never go wrong with? Diapers. Check to see if the parents-to-be have a specific brand they’re hoping to use, then wrap them up with a bow or if you’re feeling fancy, create a diaper cake. Slide in this adorable Baby Passport for a simple and thoughtful way for the parents-to-be to capture baby’s first year.

Gift box with stuffed animals, wooden rattles, baby book and pacifiers

For Your Expecting-Multiples Friend
Double the kids means double the fun and double the stuff! This sweet and practical ready-to-gift set for twins comes with a board book of first words and colors, plus two of each of the following: muslin swaddles, plush giraffes, teether rattles, and pacifiers.

Beige felt diaper caddy, with a bottle of stain remover, and baby ointment

For Your College Friend

A diaper caddy filled with essentials is the gift that keeps on giving. We love to keep a caddy in the nursery, car, and around the house, so there’s always one close at hand. Some of our favorite things to include besides diapers and wipes: Tubby Todd All Over Ointment (for diaper rash, baby acne, dry skin…everything!), this stain treater spray (diaper blowouts don’t stand a chance against it), and an extra outfit.

Basil Solly Sleeper with beige muslin burp cloths, and a baby book

For Your Neighbor
A few things mama can never have enough of: pajamas, burp cloths, and crib sheets. Our sleepers and crib sheets are SO soft (like, unbelievably soft)—perfect for sensitive baby skin. Muslin burp cloths can be used for ev-er-y-thing and the more she has, the less laundry she’ll have to do (a gift in itself). Instead of a card, opt for this high contrast accordion book. It’ll be baby’s favorite for tummy time!

Olive green knit baby sweater, with "Holden" embroidered in cursive

For Your Second-Time Mom Friend
If this isn’t mama’s first baby, she’s probably got the basics covered. Consider gifting something special that she probably doesn’t have, like a personalized sweater for baby or this heirloom-worthy block set. A meal is always a welcome gift, too! In the midst of taking care of a new baby and a big sib (or several), not having to think about dinner is one of the best ways to care for parents of multiples.

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