Ask Morgan: Tips for Wearing an Older Baby

Ask Morgan: Tips for Wearing an Older Baby

“From womb to wrap” is a common refrain around here, but the truth is: The wrap can be used well beyond the newborn days and often throughout baby’s first and beyond. If you’re worried baby is getting too old or heavy for your wrap, but aren’t quite ready to give up your Solly snuggles, keep reading for tips on how to keep them comfortable in the wrap until college (or until 25 pounds, whichever comes first, lol).

The Solly Baby Wrap is safety-tested for babies from 8 to 25 pounds. With a well-adjusted wrap job, you and baby should continue to feel comfortably supported throughout your time in the Solly.

So what should you do if baby starts to feel like they’re sagging? First up: Send me a photo of you and baby wrapped! (You can email it to or DM me on Instagram at @sollybabyadvice.)  This is the quickest, most accurate way for me to reply with specific recommendations that may be helpful. In the meantime, below are some adjustments to consider. 

While you will be wrapping baby with the same technique you have always wrapped them, there four key adjustments you don’t want to miss: 

  • Equal snugness. Don’t forget to snug up each side of your wrap before creating your ‘X’ on front and bringing the long ends to wrap and tie around your waist. Just because baby is older and bigger does not mean you need to tie things more loosely. A snug wrap will keep baby well-supported and up where you want them to be.
  • Deep seat. Supporting baby from knee to knee is important from day one, but it continues to be just as crucial as baby grows. Centering baby in each cross strap will support baby’s growing legs, hips and spine, and prevent them from slipping in any direction.
  • Upper body support. Don’t forget to cover baby’s upper back and shoulders as well. As baby nears the ability to sit unassisted, around 5 or 6 months, you can bring one or both arms out so baby has a bit more range of motion. Have a hand ready for this to become an assisted carry should baby get wiggly. If they fall asleep with their arms out, you’ll want to tuck them back into the wrap for full support.
  • Spread shoulder straps. If you’re noticing baby’s weight more in your shoulders (especially after wearing them for an extended period), go ahead and spread the fabric around your shoulders wide. This will help distribute the weight over a wider area and bring your shoulders some relief. 

Want to see the wrap with an older baby in action? 

Head to our tutorials page here. Scroll to the bottom and then arrow over to “Is my baby too big for the wrap?” to see what an older/bigger baby looks like in it. Baby Emerson was about 5 months old in this video but big for his age.

Here is an old video of my then 22-pound 18-month-old for visual reference of another older baby in the wrap. I begin discussing how to place baby in, as well as a creating a “deep seat,” at the 13:40 minute mark. Getting those cross straps really well spread will be key. My baby  is fussy (sorry for the sad cries!), but if you continue to watch, you’ll see the Solly sleepy dust was still strong.

P.S. If you’ve tried these adjustments but would still like a little more support—or you’re just ready to try something new—consider our Loop Carrier. It’s our next-step carrier designed for babes 15 to 45 pounds, and it’s a great option for growing tots. Expect a similar silhouette and familiar carry with the added support of woven 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton. If you’d like to know more or are curious if it might be time to switch, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’d love to chat it out with you. 


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