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4 Ways To Practice Self-Love on Valentine's Day (& Every Day)

Valentine’s Day can feel a bit like a Hallmark campaign filled with red roses, boxed chocolates, and romantic dates only couples in love seem to experience. But we like to think of February 14 as a day to observe love in all forms—which means showing ourselves adoration and care is something worth prioritizing, too. After all, your relationship with yourself is the longest relationship you've ever been in, right?

Here are some of our favorite ways to practice self-love on Valentine’s Day and beyond.

Cook a meal for yourself

Yes, just for you (and maybe your partner if you’re feeling generous). As parents, we often are so busy with the day-to-day hustle and bustle that meals become rushed and a chore rather than something to savor and enjoy. So, go ahead and make the kids mac 'n’ cheese or whatever is easiest, and then treat yourself to something delicious. Make your favorite recipe, or try something new. Enjoy the process of creating, smelling and tasting the food you’re making. Not into cooking? It's okay to order in instead! Just don’t forget to set a beautiful table for yourself. No eating over the sink (or out of a takeout box) tonight.

Care for your body

You know, the one that has done all the magical, amazing things. Your body is incredible—and it’s the only one you have. Whatever your relationship with your body might be, do something today that is good for it. Whatever you choose should also be pleasurable. (Don’t try to run five miles if you hate running and rarely do it!) Get a massage, drop in for a yoga class, or simply take a nap. When you close your eyes and tune in to your body, see if you can sense what it needs. What would feel nourishing, comforting or refreshing from your body's perspective? Do that!

Buy yourself flowers

And we're not talking about grocery store aisle flowers. (Unless those will bring you supreme joy! In which case, go forth!) If you're ready to level up, hit up your local florist or farmers market and savor your time picking out each bloom. Not only will you walk away with the bouquet of your dreams, but if you’re truly intentional with it, the experience will also heighten all your senses.

Cleanse and purge

A round of keep-or-toss does wonders for the soul. The process both feels therapeutic and has proven positive effects on our minds. By getting rid of the old, we are able to welcome the new. So, take a minute to rummage through a cabinet or draw and see what can be recycled or donated. You can also clear out old clothes, shoes, jewelry, and books to make space for what’s to come—physically and mentally. And if you wanted to treat yourself to something new at the end, by all means, you deserve it. As you go all in spreading love to everyone who makes your heart skip a beat this Valentine's Day, remember to shower yourself in love as well. There's plenty to go around.

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