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32 Ways to Support a Mama Postpartum

Whether you’re about to have a baby and want to have an answer ready when someone inevitably asks, "What can I do to help?" or you’re looking ways to pitch in after one of your gal pals welcomes a new addition, you’ve come to the right place. We asked our Solly community to share the nicest/most helpful/most memorable things someone did for them postpartum and have compiled some of the highlights below. Feel free to add any other ideas in the comments, too—most of us will agree, the more ways to help, the better!  
photo: @katyroseprichard
My MIL stayed for a week, cooked and cleaned, filled our fridge with fresh groceries several times, took the baby so I could get more sleep or do whatever I needed in that moment. She even went to a breastfeeding support group with me, did my laundry, etc. It was soooo helpful. —jerryberryy My mom stays with us every time for two weeks after I have a baby. (I have three kids now). She cooks, cleans, and plays with my older kids so I have a chance to sleep in a bit in the mornings. She always had hot breakfast ready for me when I got home. Seriously the best gift ever. —sarahcv_ My mother in law took my 2-year-old son once a week to give me a break and time to just have the baby alone! —melissajacobsco My mother-in-law brought over her famous homemade lasagna and it was amazing to eat after going through labour. And my father-in-law did all of our dishes. Plus they folded laundry! It's things like these that keep you sane in those first couple weeks. I got to actually SLEEP and that meant the world. —meowpants Both my moms took turns staying the night for a while and would bring me my newborn when they needed to eat, then change them and hold them until the next feeding. —_emma_porter_ My mom came over every day for 2 months to shuttle my older kids around to all their after school activities, so I could rest with the baby. It was invaluable help. —stargazerdesigncompany  

A friend came over and made me pancakes and held my baby while I took a glorious shower. I still feel so loved by that, twenty months later. —wearethebrowns A sweet friend offered to take night shift for us one night so that we could have a full night’s rest. —nalincrocker My best friend came over every Sunday night for three months while my husband was working. She brought dinner and held my colicky baby while she screamed in her face so I could put my 3-year-old to bed with books and a song and some semblance of normalcy. It was a very tough time and I’ll never forget what she did for us. —jenniferlamar  
Bring lunch/dinner with plenty extra for leftovers. One of my friends brought tamales, rice and beans and we all ate and then had leftovers for days! —daradiskin My BFF had groceries delivered to my house after baby #2. There was something for everyone and that was so perfect. —cconway7 Brought us a giant meal AND like $50 worth of groceries AND 3 batches of homemade lactation cookies. This was all one woman who had a 7-month-old herself. She is amazing! And because of her I try to do that for others because of how much it had an impact on us! —kelleygamble Our church organized a meal train. It’s hard to ask for help and the women in our church simply insisted on setting it up for us. We got a couple meals a week for a few weeks and it’s amazing how much that can bless a new mom, especially when you have other littles to chase around too. —aurennicholehouse A friend sent delivery food over in the first week postpartum before we were ready for visitors. Sooo nice. Always my go to now. Send food first, visit later. —ashleycheck A couple of months after baby number 4 was born, a woman I knew, but not well, emailed me and said she would like to bring us dinner once a week for 4 weeks. Each week I got an email with several meal options and a couple days that worked for her. And then a full multi-course meal was delivered. It was amazing. She also had four kids and said someone had done something similar for her. I am still so grateful.‬ —Christy Frost Ghazimoradi  
Just having someone to keep me company, I get a deep lonely feeling postpartum and need support that way! —ohkingstontown Friends of mine brought food, outfits for the baby, pads, nightgowns and a few of them spent the day with me when my husband went back to work. Best gift ever. —avf5285 Someone just came and listened to my birth story while I held my baby. It felt like they were there for me. —coolmomandcollected  
My best friend bought my preemie daughter the cutest pajamas in a size that actually fit her and she let me use a bunch of her newborn baby clothes, it meant so much. She is also letting me borrow her nursing pillow. —sandra31 Not something that can really be repeated but my mom set up our entire nursery. My water broke at 32 weeks and all we had set up was the basics. She came and decorated and washed all of our baby clothes. Was such a life saver. —c.lindsay_ My MIL and FIL visited us every day at the hospital while our first baby was in the NICU, waiting for us in the uncomfortable waiting room all day until we were ready to come out, bringing us homemade food and support because they knew we didn’t want to go home it was the most loving & kind thing during the hardest time we’ve been through. —kflotap  
My husband had to return to work soon after our daughters birth and on the second day he kissed me goodbye and I just started weeping and was a total mess, he called in sick that day and stayed home with us instead as he was the strength I needed to get through the thick of the baby blues. —mands2787 Hubby brought me a "mama pour" sized glass of wine in bed, turned on my favorite rom-com, lit a candle and hung out with me and our newborn in bed after our crazy family left town. I'll never forget how great that felt. —daniungi My hubby took our newborn and settled him so I could take my firstborn out for a little date. I know it’s funny a lot of people offer to take my firstborn out but I kinda wished they do more food/house cleaning/laundry stuff bc I was actually missing my firstborn SO MUCH. —audrey.ayuningthyas.lai  
  My aunt scheduled AND paid for a great lactation consultant to come when I was majorly struggling with nursing a newborn. —tracygilman A cashier at Trader Joe's yelled at an old lady for mom-shaming me about my baby's feet being cold. —sam_cioff A friend went to Target and gathered all kinds of things she thought I'd need or want (she's had three kids and I'm a first-time mom) at two weeks postpartum—granola bars for those middle of the night feedings, lactation cookies, breast gel pads, etc., and a decaf latte! I thought I had gotten all of these necessities before the baby came but once baby came, I realized I needed so many different things I hadn't even thought of. It was such a lifesaver! —xtinemayo My aunt brought over dinner, didn’t stay for more than a few minutes, and before she left took a picture of me, my husband, our daughter and new baby together. —christina_skatzka My precious sister in law straightened my hair and did my makeup for Christmas when I was in the thickest of my baby blues ... —2galgirls My dear friend loaned me her Solly wrap so that my newborn could cuddle up to me while I had my arms free to get stuff done. It was seriously a game changer. —britanyharrison Took my dog out for a walk. So simple, so kind, and something that wasn’t fun to do in November in Utah! —cara.peper My parents live out of state but they paid for house cleaners to come for the first few months + a deep clean before baby was born. It was the best! —lifeasagraves

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