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11 Parent-Approved Tips For Flying with Baby

11 Parent-Approved Tips For Flying with Baby

The Solly Wrap is the best carrier for flying with a baby. There, we said it. Now, it’s obviously a biased statement, but there are so many reasons the Solly makes air travel with an infant easier and more comfortable. Here are just a few to start with (and feel free to add your own to the list in the comments!).

You can leave it on to pass through security.

Because there are no metal buckles or rings, I’ve never been asked to take it off or baby out. This is a nice perk generally because your hands remain free to manage any carry-ons, but it’s invaluable when baby is asleep and you can’t bear the thought of waking them just to walk through a space-agey machine.

It’s easier to navigate.

Especially through crowded airports and close quarters than a stroller is, and you can safely take escalators instead of going out of your way to find an elevator (where there is inevitably a line).

It’s comfortable to wear while standing or sitting.

So if you decide to keep it on during the flight, you don’t have to worry about it feeling uncomfortable against a seat back. (Pro tip: Tie the double-knot in the front or on the side to avoid a bulge at your back.) Some stickler flight attendants will have you take baby out for takeoff and landing. (It’s technically required, but I’ve only seen it enforced like 5% of the time?) But even if you take baby out, you can leave the wrap on and put baby back in throughout the flight or before deplaning.

It's compact for storing.

If you do decide to take the wrap off during the flight, it takes up minimal space in your bag. Simply stuff it into the built-in pocket for quick stashing, or take a minute to fold it neatly into the pocket for use as a makeshift travel pillow. (Toddlers love this option.)

It keeps germy hands at bay.

If you’re worried about germs—and aren’t we all?—the wrap is a great deterrent when it comes to keeping baby-hungry strangers at a safe distance. It’s also really good at keeping baby happily contained instead of out-and-about and touching every surface in sight.

And last, but certainly not least, you can pee with baby wrapped.

This is especially nice when you’re traveling solo or when baby has fallen asleep but you have got to go. Just make sure the tails are tucked in and not hanging down behind you. (Wish I wasn’t speaking from experience on this one!)

A few more quick tips for flying with baby that aren’t wrap-related:

  • Give baby something to suck on during takeoff and landing to help their ears adjust to the changes in pressure.
  • Pack a backpack (vs. a tote), so you can enjoy a hands-free carry on your back and on your front.
  • Keep in mind that you can check baby’s car seat for free.
  • If your little one cries during the flight (or at the airport) (or at any other point during your trip), remember that your only job is to help take care of them—not to worry about any other passengers. (Nope, not even that one who is visibly annoyed by the noise.) Remember that you and baby both deserve to be on that flight, and that you’re both doing the best you can do—and that that’s enough.

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