Why Slowness Is Worth Your Time

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image by @home.and.haze

We live in a world that thrives on a “more is better” mentality. That the more you have, the more possibilities you find. But, do these things and possessions really fulfill us? Or are we simply buying into them incessantly to meet the criteria for social validation? Being “busy” is equated with thriving. Have we paused to wonder what impact this fast-paced lifestyle has on us, those around us, and most importantly our children?

Slow living isn’t about living our entire life in slow motion—it’s about creating balance. When we learn to embrace a slower pace in life, we become more resilient. We feel more invincible and find joy in everyday life. Suddenly, life feels lighter and we feel more alive. 

When we slow down, we make it easier to reflect rather than react. We make it possible to ponder if we are actually making the right choices for ourselves. Are we feeling good about where we are right now? Is this the right path for us? At the end of the day, slowness can help us answer the question: “How can we change our direction to live a better life and raise better humans?”

Here are a few other ways slowness paints a more beautiful bigger picture:

Our Relationships

When we slow down, we are more mindful and thoughtful about our actions and behavior. In turn, our relationships naturally begin to improve and strengthen. We cultivate trust and hold space for empathy rather than diverting our attention elsewhere. Embracing slowness sets a valuable example for our children, too.

Our Parenting

When it comes to embracing slowness in parenting, there isn’t a wrong or right way of doing it. It could mean you make sure to sit around the table for family dinner every night, or limit extracurriculars to have more time together. Slowness is about cherishing quality over quantity, being in the moment, and making meaningful connections with your babies.

Our Bodies

Thanks to everyday stress and burnout, we’ve likely already met our adrenaline and cortisol quotas. Adopting a slower pace of life can positively impact your well-being in the form of a less processed diet, daily movement, good sleep habits and more. All of which, of course, contribute toward a happier, healthier life (with an added bonus of stress relief!).

There’s nothing counterproductive about embracing a slower lifestyle, so don’t let the term fool you. Slowness is about celebrating the moments. Life requires that we check the tasks off our to-do list, but beyond a sense of accomplishment, it rarely gives us something to remember. We need the moments to make the memories. Time is the one thing we aren’t guaranteed more of in life, so slowing down and embracing it is the best way to spend what we have.