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What’s in My Hospital Bag: Third-Time Mom Edition

What’s in My Hospital Bag: Third-Time Mom Edition

When packing your hospital bag for the first time, it’s tempting to fill it with everything and the kitchen sink. Should I pack more snacks? How many pairs of socks? Heat pad? Hair dryer?

In reality, there’s not much you really need. We asked our Senior Graphic Designer and soon-to-be mom of three, MaKell, to share what essentials she’s packing in her hospital bag. Here are her musts: 

  • These PJs: The softest, perfect nursing-friendly jams for mom. (I’ve been wearing them all through pregnancy, too!)

  • A lounge set for mom to go home in. I have an old set from Madewell that I’m taking, but Target, H&M, and Plain Jane all have amazing options, too!

  • A loose, softer, easier-to-nurse in alternative to hospital gowns! Love these for postpartum.

  • Shower shoes

  • The coziest blanket (that resembles our Fern Chequer collection!? Done and done).

  • Toiletries + 6-foot or longer chargerlip balm, and lotion—all in these clear bags to make it easy for me (and my husband) to find things!

  • Best pens for filling out alllll the paperwork (trust! they are the best!), and a folder to keep it all organized.

  • My own pillow (with non-white pillow case, so that it's easy to distinguish from the hospital ones).

  • Snacks for postpartum!

  • Portable noise machine.

  • Nursing pillowthis one is perfect for at home and on the go, and it’s cute).

  • swaddle for cute pics and cozy snuggles (no thank you to the scratchy hospital ones).

  • For most of the hospital stay, I plan to have the baby just in the half-shirt onesies the hospital typically provides with a diaper and swaddle for ease of skin-to-skin, check-ups, and diaper changes. Then a cute, soft Sleeper set for going home.

  • Packing it all in a spacious weekender bag!

What are you packing in your hospital bag? Anything you’d leave out next go-round?

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