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Full Heart with Tasha Alkiswany

Full Heart with Tasha Alkiswany

Our favorite thing about Solly Baby is you—the community of moms and dads doing the beautiful, messy, important work of raising little ones. In our weekly Full Heart Series, we're sharing stories from our Solly Community that resonate, inspire, and remind us we're never alone. Join us as we savor these everyday moments that leave our hearts full.

Mother, father, and young daughter smile holding new baby in the hospital

Let's start with a quick introduction. Tell us the facts.
Tasha Alkiswany
Children: Two daughters (4 years and 5 months)
Location: Houston, TX

What’s a time in the last week when your heart has felt full?
Watching my 5-month-old light up and laugh at her older sister.

Woman smiling with young daughter and baby daughter.

Thoughts on being a girl mom?
I am best friends with my younger sister and I wanted nothing more in the world than for my daughter to have a sister, too. I am so thrilled to see them grow up together and be there for each other. There’s nothing like a sister!

When and how did you get connected with Solly?
I got connected with Solly Baby in April 2020 after seeing it on Instagram. I bought two immediately. My daughter was about a month old when I got them! I was attracted to the beautiful prints and colors and loved how soft the fabric was.

What is your favorite thing about your Solly Wrap?
Ohhh my love for Solly Wraps runs deep. I didn’t have the easiest pregnancies. With miscarriages and nausea, it was sometimes hard for me to enjoy being pregnant like some women do. But my favorite thing about pregnancy is knowing that your baby is safe and as comfortable as can be. Which is exactly the feeling babywearing in my Solly Wrap gives me. We get to still be together during tasks and activities throughout the day, while my babies are snuggled up on my chest and hearing my heartbeat. It makes me feel like we are still one unit and it brings me so much joy.

Would you share a little bit about your journey to motherhood?
Everyone’s journey to motherhood looks so different and I definitely wasn’t prepared for the rollercoaster. I realized after my miscarriages how badly I wanted someone to talk to. Someone who had gone through the same hardship. I realized so many moms were holding their experiences in so I decided to open up and share as much as I could. My advice is to find someone who you can relate to. It’s a club no one ever wants to be a part of, but having the support is like nothing else. I am so lucky to have my two rainbow babies. There was a day I never thought it would happen. 

What was the transition like from one to two kids?
Transitioning from one to two was a little harder than I anticipated. Of course, you know what you’re doing the second time around and the first-time mom self-doubt diminishes. The hardest part for me was making sure my 3-year-old still felt my love and attention. We had been a family of three always doing things together and then all of a sudden, we started needing to divide and conquer. Now baby sister is 6 months old, so we’re in a routine and doing more things together as a family of four. Just like so many things in motherhood, it’s a phase that passes faster than you think!

How do you define your role as a mother?
My role as a mother is to pour all my love into my children. I am raising my girls to be loving, empathetic, courageous, confident, strong-willed and to know their self worth. As a mother, I want them to feel safe with me no matter what is going on in their lives. So, they know that, no matter what, I’ll always be there for them and a safe place for them to go. I saw a quote my friend @workandmotherhood posted that stuck with me, “Treat your kids with so much love that if someone mistreats them, they’ll know immediately.”

What's something about motherhood that has surprised you?
How it can be the most rewarding yet hardest thing ever. Parenting is soooo hard, especially when you’re doing it the right way. 

Pregnant woman smiling and holding her belly while her young daughter hugs her shoulders from behind and smiles.

When do you feel at your best as a mom?
When I have time to myself to work out. It puts me in a great mood and gives me the energy I need to give my kids the best version of me. 

Words of wisdom would you share with other moms?
Every part of motherhood is a phase. Some are fun. Some are exhausting. Some are so, so special. Some are just so hard. But, remember, that each is just a phase. They all pass so quickly, so try to find the sweetness in the little moments. 

Whether that’s noticing how your baby is resting her hand on your arm for the first time. Looking into your eyes and smiling for the first time. The first time they roll over, crawl or walk. The first time they say “Mama.”

Try to be present and feel these moments, because before you know it, you’re onto the next phase and we so quickly forget the hard times. Not saying it’s not hard, but I promise, it just gets better and better.

What Solly pieces(s) do you have? What's on your wishlist?
Wraps, crib sheets, hats, and swaddles. I love them all!! I’d love the Barbie pink colored crib sheets. That color is just the best!

How about a round of rapid-fire favorites…
Indulgence: Rom-coms
Podcast: How I Built This
Children's Book: Change Sings by Amanda Gorman
Mama-time activity:  A workout or dinner date with my fellow mama friends
Person to follow on social: @workandmotherhood 
After bedtime snack: Jeni’s Milkiest Chocolate ice cream

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